Bailey Island community is in shock after the deadly shark attack

The Bailey Island community is shocked after a woman was killed in New York in a rare attack on white sharks on Monday.

Island residents say they never expected this to happen in the waters off the coast of Harrisonville. Rescuers who were at the scene on Monday say that the woman was attacked 60 feet from the beach.

H2 Outfitters owners chartered kayaks that drove 63-year-old Jolly Hollowach to the beach.

Cathy Bevath, owner of a partner in H2 Outfitters, said they only received instinct, because they heard screams for help, jumped on the kayak and drove off.

"The people who went out there to save them were really brave," said Jeff Cooper, co-owner of H2 Outfitters.

They say that someone held her head over water while the other was rowing.

"They took the body out of the water, instead of just leaving it there," Cooper said. "It was beautiful, very intense."

They say that Hollowash was not doing anything out of the ordinary.

Cooper said: "These are two people who live here, swimming every day in the summer and enjoying themselves."

Joanna Spano has lived in the region for six years. I was surprised when I heard what happened.

"It's Bailey Island, Maine, and you don't really see this kind of thing here, everyone knows each other, so it's really sad," Spano said.

"Dad Lubstermann, I've been in the water all my life and I've never heard anything like this happen," said waitress Cook Lobster House, Haile Muncie.

Mile Judett Wharf manager says some of his fishermen knew the Hollowash family.

"I don't think they were originally from Maine, but they were here a few years ago," said Judit.

"It is very scary and very unfortunate," Haila said. "I feel a very terrible feeling for the family and I cannot imagine what it is."

Holowach served aboard sea bags. A man working at Orr's Bailey Yacht Club refused to go to the camera, but said through tears that she was a very active and beloved member of the club and society.

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