Chinese authorities warn of unknown pneumonia in Kazakhstan that it is more deadly than coronovirus

Chinese authorities warn of unknown pneumonia in Kazakhstan that it is more deadly than coronovirus
More than 1,700 people have died this year in the Central Asian country Kazakhstan, according to a warning issued by Chinese authorities on Thursday, a new unknown pneumonia that is more deadly than the new coronavirus.

"The Kazakhstan Department of Health and other agencies are conducting comparative research and have not defined the nature of the pneumonia virus," the Chinese Embassy in Kazakhstan said in a statement to its citizens.

New cases of unknown pneumonia have increased significantly since mid-June across the country, with the embassy saying that in some places, authorities report hundreds of new cases per day.

The embassy statement cited local media as saying that so far, the increase has been concentrated in the Etaireu, Akotob and Shyamkunt areas, with around 500 new cases and more than 30 critically ill patients.

According to the embassy this year, 1,772 people have died from the disease, some of whom were Chinese citizens. Of these, 628 deaths occurred in June alone. "The disease is much more deadly than Kovid-19," the statement said.

According to Kazakh news agency Qazinform, citing official figures, the number of pneumonia cases in the capital Nursultan more than doubled in June.

The head of the health department of Nursultan said, "200 people enter hospitals every day. About 300 people suffering from pneumonia have been admitted to hospitals in the past few days. Cousinform reported.

The Chinese embassy has warned residents of the area how much they moved out and to avoid crowded public areas. They allowed preventive measures such as wearing masks, disinfecting spaces, frequent hand washing, and good air circulation.

On Wednesday 8 July, protesters clashed with police in front of the Serbian National Assembly building in Belgrade. People were demonstrating against President Alexander Vucic after the weekend curfew was announced to try to counter the rise in coronovirus cases.

CNN has been unable to independently verify the report from the Chinese embassy and has contacted the Kazakh Ministry of Health for more information.

According to data from Johns Hopkins University, the Battle of Kazakhstan in Kazakhstan Kovid-19 continues, killing 53,021 people and killing 264 so far.

Nursultan Nazarbayev, Kazakhstan's first high-profile president and current chairman of the country's Security Council, tested positive for Kovid-19 last month.

In response to the dramatic increase in cases, authorities implemented a second round of sanctions across the country on 5 July. Under these restrictions, international flights are frozen and interstate road transport is suspended, Chinese state media Xinhua reported. Cultural spaces, sports facilities, cinemas and lounges are still closed, and most government employees work from home.

According to Xinhua, quoting the country's Health Minister, now the demand for medical personnel, hospital beds and emergency supplies is increasing. If the situation worsens, officials warn they may tighten the restrictions further.

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