Chrissy Tejen blocks 1 million Twitter accounts linked to Jeffrey Epstein

Chrissy Tejen blocks 1 million Twitter accounts linked to Jeffrey Epstein
Chrissy Tejen, a frank mother of two children who is not alien to the trolls on Twitter, has banned more than a million accounts promoting conspiracy theories linking the star to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

She says that Tejen faced a barrage of "frightening harassment", since, after the arrest of his long-time colleague Giseline Maxwell, some social media users claimed that Tejen traveled on Ebstein's private plane. The cookbook author says she was also accused of being "passionate about children."

Tijin vehemently denied these allegations. "I've never met a man," she tweeted on July 10, referring to Epstein. "Or I was on the island. Or on the plane."

Despite numerous attempts to respond, Tegen said the Twitter vicious campaign was so frightening that she was "worried about my family" and proceeded to delete thousands of tweets that hunters used as alleged evidence of her involvement with the shameful funder.

"I actually deleted 60,000 tweets because I can't (obscene word) stand you idiots anymore and I worry about my family," she said on Tuesday. "I found myself talking about toddlers and crowns in 2013 and thinking that you are some kind of speaking (expletive)."

One day later, Tejen banned over a million users. She said she is considering legal action and even considering leaving Twitter, where she has more than 13 million followers, if the harassment continues.

"I have blocked over a million people, a million people today and I'm still overwhelmed with sick psychopaths," she said on Twitter on Wednesday. So please, excuse me from "ignoring them, they are just trolls."

Tijin added Tuesday: "If Twitter really does nothing about this * scary * harassment, I will go."

A social media campaign against Tijen began last week with allegations that her name appeared in unfounded flight records said to belong to Epstein, who killed himself while awaiting trial at a federal detention center in New York in 2019.

The model tried to think with her accused - "If we wanted to play with your lie just for fun, would you understand that if I were on the plane until the date of this" apparent statement, I would be a victim "- before pledging to" stop entertainment ".

Tijin, who said she was still recovering from surgery, was open about how the ordeal could affect her.

I can't take my medication now either because of my surgery and other pills, so they have no idea how difficult this treatment is, "I tweeted on Tuesday." They will not stop until I die. I am convinced of that. Until then, they will consider another conspiracy. "

In another tweet, she continued: "When Bedo Gizlan (Maxwell) sings like a canary (if you don't die) and we have nothing to do with this, I know for a fact that it won't go away. Just thinking about another excuse. It is very frustrating. I don't know how to stop this. I don't think anyone gets it completely. "

On Tuesday, Maxwell pleaded not guilty to charges that she helped purchase young victims of child sex trafficking in Epstein that started more than 25 years ago.

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