Dakota Johnson appeared on Twitter after an old interview where fans believe she has alluded to being bisexual

Dakota Johnson appeared on Twitter after an old interview where fans believe she has alluded to being bisexual
Dakota Johnson sent her fans over-speculated that she might be bisexual after an old interview in which she co-appeared on the Internet.

The 30-year-old actress has become a popular topic on Twitter as social media users analyze her Vogue interview in 2017 where she talks about sex.

The star 50 Shades of Gray said: "I was at a point in my life where I was fascinated by young women reconciling with their sexual lives.

I think, by proxy, I am experiencing it in my private life, which is very interesting to me. "

Dakota then discussed her separation from ex-boyfriend, singer Drowners Matthew Heat, who has been dating for about two years.

She said, "I don't work very well, and my feelings, even those good, are so severe that they hurt."

Then the actress added to the themes: `` Can we make things really exciting? Can we say I spend this time exploring my sexual duality? "

Fans soon switched to social media to respond to the quotes, with one writing: `` The fact that Dakota Johnson is bisexual has completed my entire life and given it purpose. ''

Another said: "Wait ... what do I see about the Dakota Johnson duo?" Another added: "I'm here for Dakota Johnson's love."

The couple was spending the closure of the coronavirus with the children of Chris Apple, 16, and Moses, 14, who shared it with former Gwyneth Paltrow.

Social media madness comes after Deadline reports that Dakota has signed on to star and act as executive producer for a new TV series called Rodeo Queens for Amazon Studios.

The series will be a parody parody that will follow a group of hopeful cowboy queens "as they compete for the desired crown."

There is still no word on the character Dakota will play in the series, which was captured after several networks and players competed for it.

The actress, the daughter of Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith, is also linked to two new feature films currently in production.

One of them is The Lost Daughter, a drama that will debut the famous actress director Maggie Gyllenhaal, who follows a woman on vacation facing the troubles of her past.

And the other one is Don't Worry, Darling, a fascinating 50s-style psychological story about an unhappy housewife, directed by Olivia Wilde.

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