Decipher the secrets of Kayleigh McEnany's summary book

Decipher the secrets of Kayleigh McEnany's summary book

On Thursday afternoon, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany briefed the White House press corps.

And Reuters photographer Jonathan Ernst captured this amazing shot of the press secretary's briefing binder:

Interesting, no? It's worth to go through each of the tabs - the best I can decode! - To check what McEnany expects of her request (and wants to make sure a full search is within her reach.)
So, let's go through the tabs from back to front, right?

"Statues": Trump has sought calls to remove a variety of statues - from Confederate generals to the likes of Christopher Columbus - as a sign of the spread of computer culture. He also signed an executive order to punish those who deform or seek to remove statues.

* "Stone": As is the case with Roger Stone, the old political associate of Trump, whose president last week eased his punishment for lying to Congress and tampering witnesses.

* "System": I am confused about this. Maybe the ways that Trump's political system was wronged? Or a reference to the glossy melody "The system only dreams in complete darkness"? (Well, it's not like that. But this song is the norm.)

* Universe: You might think this has something to do with the debate about whether colleges and universities will reopen in the fall due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Most of them plan to reopen somehow although there are fewer students on campus and / or more classes online. "We have to open the schools," Trump said earlier this week in the Rose Garden. "We have to open everything. Many people don't want to do this for political reasons, not for other reasons."

* "Triumphs": Trump is obsessed with all his various "victories." So, it stands to reason that this is McCainani's main talking point. (Trump is the main consumer of the daily press briefing.) Trump has repeatedly claimed that he did more in any first presidential term than any previous president, despite how he would decide that, uh, is unclear.

Obama: Recently, Trump had his predecessor in the White House in his mind. a lot. “I know a lot in business and politics that work endlessly, in some cases to the point of exhaustion. It's their first passion in life, but no one complains,” Trump tweeted over the weekend. "My workout is about, almost during the week, a quick round of golf. Obama has played more and more rounds, no problem." (this is not true). He also recently told Sean Hannity of Fox News that "President Obama and Joe Biden spied on my election campaign. They knew everything that was going on." (This is also incorrect.)
Personal Protective Equipment: As CNN reported earlier this week, Trump's reluctance to use the Defense Production Act has resulted in a shortage of personal protective equipment. CNN reported that "The Ministry of Health and Human Services listed 19 companies that had contracts under the Defense Production Act to produce emergency supplies, including 600 million N95 respirators and face masks." "But experts say this is not enough and the effort is starting too late. Only half of the needed masks will be delivered by the end of this year," he said.

* “Privil”: a supposed executive franchise, which Trump has repeatedly invoked to protect himself from the Special Adviser’s investigation in Russia plus any number of other requests from Democrats in Congress.

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