Derek Ho, the first world surf champion in Hawaii, died 55 years old

Derek Ho, the first world surf champion in Hawaii, died 55 years old
Derek Hu, the first Hawaiian player to win the World Surfing Championships, has died at the age of 55, authorities said.

The Honolulu Medical Examination Office did not reveal the cause of death. He was reported dead on Friday.

The surf predictor and Surfline news site reported that Ho had a heart attack and slipped into a coma before his death.

The Windsurfing Center for Heritage and Culture in San Clemente, California, posted a memorial to Facebook.

"Godspeed Derek Ho. He will miss your presence and your soul on the pipeline," the statement said. "The first native Hawaiian man to crown a world champion, your passion, your leadership and your nature inspired by generations."

"Mahlow for all the many classic moments. The ride," said the surfing brand and Hawaiian Local People Organization in Hawaii.

He became the first Hawaiian man to win the World Tour Championship late in his career, in 1993. Among those who won the title were Kelly Slater, the biggest winner in sport history, and former champion Martin Potter.

He has also won Pipeline Masters and Hawaii Triple Crown Surfing, which includes masters, and big wave competitions at Haleiwa and Sunset Beach multiple times.

According to the Ski Encyclopedia, he was a second cousin of the artist Don Ho. Derek's brother, Michael, is a twice-crowned Triple Crown winner and has been described as the godfather of the Hawaiian North Shore, the professional surfing center.

Michael's daughter, Coco, is the top 10 professional; Mason's son is also a professional wave rider.

Derek was a windsurfer, which meant he was riding on the left hand, with his right foot in front. It was known as the "port" for the Hawaiian locals on the northern coast who sought to educate respect and order mobile surfers.

Server Calla Alexander said on Instagram: "The man. The legend. The legend. Our hero.

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