Fahim Saleh and John Jay Grad are found dead

Fahim Saleh and John Jay Grad are found dead
His friend and business partner Ahmed Fahd wrote: Fahim Saleh was a role model and a man of indomitable will.

Fahd expressed his disbelief in the loss of his teacher in a message posted on Medium.com and presented to the magazine on Wednesday.

Saleh, a graduate of John Jay High School who became an online pole from his parents' Hopewell Junction home, was found cut in a luxury apartment in Manhattan, police said on Wednesday.

Fahim Saleh, 33, was found at 3:30 pm. Tuesday inside his apartment on East Houston Street on the Lower East Side. The police announced on Wednesday that they had left an electric saw.

A relative called the police after he went to check Saleh and discover the shocking discovery. And the police said that the responding officers discovered the presence of a trunk, bags containing head, arms and an electric saw in the living room.

Investigators also recovered a security video showing Saleh exiting an elevator that leads directly to the two-bedroom apartment earlier on Tuesday afternoon and is closely followed by a person wearing all black clothes, including a mask, according to the law enforcement official who viewed Issue. The official, who was not authorized to discuss the investigation and spoke on the condition of anonymity, said he was also showing a conflict between the following two at the entrance to the apartment.

Police believe her relative may have interrupted the intruder before that person escaped from a rear exit.

The medical examiner ruled that the death was a murder after an autopsy found that the cause of death was several stab wounds to the body.

Saleh was the CEO of a startup motorcycle called Gokada that started working in Nigeria in 2018. The company confirmed his death on Twitter on Wednesday and said: "Fahim was a great leader, inspiration and positive lighting for all of us."

The company later published: "Although these last days were painful for us, we in Jokada owe it to ourselves and to Fahim's memory to act and realize his vision of the company and Nigerian youth. ... Fahim's passion for Nigeria and that he was immeasurable youth, he believed that youth Nigerians are very bright and talented individuals who will thrive if given the opportunity. "

Saleh listed Poughkeepsie as his home on his Facebook page, but according to magazine archives, he lived in Hopewell Junction and graduated from John Jay in 2005.

He was born in Saudi Arabia and "moved a little before settling in Rochester," according to his autobiography on Jokada. The website said his "interest in computers has evolved" as an eighth grade student in Poughkeepsie.

In 2003, while still living with his parents, he created the WizTeen Network, a network of about 12 websites targeting teenagers and teens, which allowed for the personalization of social media and instant messaging services. At that time he was 20 years old, he was made up of six numbers, according to the archives.

In a post on Medium.com Blog dated October 2, 2018, he described the experience:

“Initially, the sites only made a few dollars of profit a month - which was still quite impressive for my 16-year-old mind - but after I teamed up with another young developer, Kyle Caber, I started making real income, Saleh wrote.

The two created a network of websites that generate over $ 200,000 annually, but said the network had dwindled by the time he graduated from Bentley University.

Fahd said he met Saleh in 2015, when he was seventeen years old. He said that Saleh took the opportunity as a high school student and became a teacher.

The two worked together on various projects, the last of which was a technical start-up called Pathao. According to its website, the company provides passenger sharing, food delivery and e-commerce logistics services in Bangladesh. Fahd said that Saleh left the company in 2017 in the hope of "opening up new opportunities."

When I met Fahim in 2015, Fahd wrote, he was indeed an impressive man, and by example even, over the years, I recognized his numerous human flaws, but when I think of Fahim Saleh tonight, he recalls his indomitable will, his complete and complete disregard of the status quo, and his extreme focus not Balanced things to achieve. I remember a man other than things and people. "

Investigators were exploring whether the killing could be linked to Saleh's business dealings. They were also checking security camera video from all over the neighborhood to try to find out where the assailant escaped.

Apartments in the 10-storey building where Saleh's remains were discovered, sold for more than $ 2 million. The building was completed in 2017 as part of an earlier wave of improvement in the brave neighborhood.

Biography of Saleh LinkedIn described him as a self-taught businessman who founded the construction of Gokada based on his first experience "seeing an opportunity in his parents' home country of Bangladesh" and starting the largest participating company in that country. She also invested in a similar project in Colombia.

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