Georgia state governor Brian Kemp prevents cities and counties from ordering masks as corona virus mount in the state

Georgia state governor Brian Kemp prevents cities and counties from ordering masks as corona virus mount in the state
Georgia Governor Brian Kemp (right) signed an executive order on Wednesday night that explicitly prohibits cities from enacting their mask authorizations, even as the state sees a sharp rise in coronavirus cases and other Republican governors are moving to hide orders to try to suppress the increase.

Kemp's arrangement corrupts mask delegations that exist in more than a dozen cities or provinces, while also extending the limitations of other social spacing of coronavirus at the state level.

The governor had previously attempted to ban cities and provinces from passing any restrictions on coronavirus that exceeded Georgia's guidelines. But many cities, including Atlanta, challenged him to pass mask delegates anyway, arguing that it was necessary to smooth the curve. Kemp's new request "strongly encourages" the masks.

Local officials who issued the mask's outrage were angry at the completion of hospitals on Wednesday night as Kemp overturned their judgment. This came on the same day that Georgia recorded the second largest number of cases of corona viruses since the beginning of the epidemic, with 3871 cases and 37 deaths.

“It is officially official. The Governor of Kemp wrote about us,” wrote Savannah Mayor Van Johnson (Democrat), who was the first local official to delegate a mask, on Twitter. “Every man and woman has himself. Ignore the science and survive as best you can. At # Savannah, we will continue to maintain faith and follow science. Masks will still be available! "

Kemp's order comes as other Republican governors recently abandoned their previous opposition to concealing authorizations in favor of public health.

Alabama Governor Kay Evi (right) was among them on Wednesday, saying that while she wished that "people would not be asked to do what is in your best interest", she felt that the mask could not wait any longer.

"We are about to reach the point where our hospital intensive care units are overwhelmed," Effie told a news conference. "Guys, the numbers don't lie."

Like Kemp, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey (right) and Texas Governor Greg Abbott (right) previously attempted to prevent cities and counties from issuing their mask orders - but both have since regressed. Abbott issued a mask authorization to most provinces earlier this month. Doce stopped calling for statewide masks, but allowed cities and counties to press ahead with mask authorizations last month.

Now, Georgia's critics are wondering why Kemp has doubled in the other direction instead.

"What he continues to do is to downplay not only the challenge facing the Georgians, but the death of the Georgians," Stacy Abrams, Kemp's Democratic contender for the 2018 referee race, told MSNBC. "More than 3,000 Georgians have died, disproportionately between the Georgians and browns. He continues to play while Rome is burning."

Kemp's office confirmed on Wednesday that the governor still required Georgians to wear masks voluntarily.

"We have been clear in previous requests and statements that local mask delegations are not applicable," Candace Bruce, Kemp's communications director, told the Augusta Chronicle. "The Georgian ruler has encouraged them to wear them voluntarily for months now."

Kemp's resistance to mask mandates was already creating a deep rift between him and some of the prominent officials, Atlanta mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms (D). Local officials who issued mask authorizations considered that encouraging Kemp to wear people masks - and the absence of a specific ban on mask authorizations - was therefore to pass their own mandates legally.

But after Bottoms issued her order requiring face masks in public, Kemp's office called it "unworkable."

The July 10 statement said: "If the mayor wants to clear the curve in Atlanta, she should start applying the current provisions of the governor's orders" - apparently encouraging the bottom to adopt a more comfortable approach as she stated that the state capital was in crisis. New York Governor Andrew M. introduced. Como (D) help the city.

Russell Edwards, the mayor of Provisional Democrat in Kemp's hometown of Athens, called on Ga, the governor, to resign Wednesday evening, saying that even as hospitals rise, Kemp continues to frustrate and undermine the efforts of others.

"Brian Kemp failed to do the right thing. Edwards wrote on Twitter:" Today his order spoils the protection, and prevents local governments from demanding that the mask be worn. Words fail to describe this brutal behavior. "

Kemp's request comes two weeks after he joined US surgeon Jerome M. Adams on a campaign at stops around the state to encourage Georgians to wear masks. The governor appealed to sports fans, saying: "If you want some college football this fall and other sports, wear your mask in the next few weeks."

But Kemp described the mask's requirements as "a very distant bridge", fearing the measure would lack public support, as he told the Atlanta Journal constitution last month.

"There are some people who don't want to wear a mask. I'm sensitive to that from the political environment that makes people share that and create other issues there." "But it is definitely a good idea."

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