Goya Foods boycotted after CEO Trump praised

Goya Foods boycotted after CEO Trump praised
The #Goyaway hashtag trended on social media on Friday after Goya Foods CEO Robert Unnew appeared in the White House Rose Garden on Thursday afternoon and praised President Donald Trump.

"We are all really blessed ... There is a leader like President Trump who is a builder," Ananu said during a speech at the Rose Garden. "We have an amazing builder, and we pray. We pray for our leadership, our president."

The fact is that Annu partnered with Trump to field some of the most prominent Hispanic leaders in the United States. Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez suggested in a tweet that she would boycott Goya

Former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Julian Castro acknowledged Goya's "original" status in Latin homes, but Anano encouraged people to reconsider Goya's purchase after an appearance at the White House.

President Trump is unpopular with Hispanic Americans. According to the latest poll by the New York Times / Siena College, the presidential side favored Trump over Trump, with a margin of 36 percentage points over Trump. Trump began his campaign by criticizing Mexican immigrants for being "rapists" and bringing drugs to the United States. He spent much of his presidency trying to build a wall along the southern border of the United States and enacted a policy that separated children from parents when they were detained at the border.

As part of President Trump's Hispanic Prosperity Initiative, Uneve was invited to the White House, an executive order aimed at improving Hispanic Americans' access to educational and economic opportunities.

In an interview with Fox News Friday, Annew said he was "not apologizing" and called the boycott movement "suppression of speech".

To promote the former First Lady's healthy eating initiative, Nineteen accepted an invitation from Michelle Obama in 2012 about Trump, in which she first accepted an invitation from Michelle Obama.

"You are allowed to speak well or praise a president, but he is not. When I was called to join this commission to assist in economic and educational prosperity and you make a positive comment, Suddenly this is not acceptable, ”he said. Join Fox News. "If the President of the United States calls him, he will say, 'No, excuse me, I'm busy, okay, thanks?" I did not say that to Obamas, nor did I tell President Trump. "

In his brief remarks at the White House on Thursday, Annue announced that Goya would donate 1 million cans of Goya Chole and 1 million other food products to US food banks. He said the company wanted to help families affected by the coronavirus epidemic.

"We are very proud to give back to this nation, the food banks that are going to need some important food," he said.

A Goya spokesperson said the attendance at the Annue White House was intended to announce donations and support Trump's initiative. Goya did not comment on the boycott call.

In recent years, $ 6,000 has been donated to Republicans for the Republican National Committee and $ 1,000 for former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie when he was running for the presidency, according to the Center for Responsive Policy. Ananu also donated $ 2,300 to New Jersey Democrat Senator Robert Menendez in 2010.

Robert's brother Peter, who serves as Goya's executive vice president, donated $ 100,000 to the Victoria National Abortion Fund for the right to life in 2012. And as Goya's shareholders other Ananuay family members have given thousands of dollars to other, mostly Republican and political candidates, including Trump.

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