Here's how Cole Custer scored his first NASCAR Cup win

Here's how Cole Custer scored his first NASCAR Cup win
The seeds of Cole Custer's first win were sown in the cup before anyone imagined it would be Sunday in Kentucky Speedway and not Kevin Harvik or Martin Trox Jr.

Custer's height from 13th to first in the last 20 laps was a study by a driver who said he had days where "your eyes are in pain trying to look at the movie, trying to find out everything."

He also had some good luck. The key, however, was to take advantage of those situations, which he did.

He was 13th on reboot on lap 249 of the 267 race. He restarted it in the 7th grade corridor again. Many in-line drivers lost their positions when restarting throughout the race, but Custer advanced to 12th when Jimmy Johnson, who returned to third, spin after calling Brad Kiselowski.

While contact destroyed the Johnson race, Custer's dramatic ending in motion. By earning one spot, he was in the outer lane in the sixth row for the next restart.

When the final caution of the race waved on lap 262 for turnover Matt Kenseth, Custer was in sixth place, having earned six points in six laps. A major step came when he went abroad and was four on a grand scale. Matt Depineto Custer pushed to bypass those cars.

Heading to the final reboot, Custer was on the outer aisle in the third row behind Harvick, who was driving, and Keselowski.

Truex started up the front lane in the front row and behind him was Ryan Blaney and Kurt Busch.

The whole race is long, not just restart, the men are in third and fourth while pushing - if you don't press, your lane doesn't go - then the car behind you gets a big run, Kiselowski said, "This makes it difficult."

"This is what happened to me on my last restart. I was in fourth place and I was pushing Kevin and Cole to use his career to reach outside."

The other key, he said, was what happened between him and Harvik.

"I was out of sync with Kevin on the final restart," Kiselovsky said. "Maybe I should have communicated with him a little better and this is my fault, and that put us in a place prone to the passage behind us and eventually won the race."

Custer closed in front of the Keselowski rear bumper upon restart. After the start / end line, Custer withdrew to the right as Kiselowski was no longer associated with Harvik.

"Cole is always an intelligent rider," Dipineto said. "He is one of these guys, although he's a beginner, but he's not making silly moves. He usually places himself in good places.

"When we restarted, we took a very big step when restarting before that. It got a good restart. I was basically curious about what he would do. When he pulled to the top, I was like, yes, that was a good move there."

"I decided to pay it because I couldn't get around it outside."

The next major moment came at the second turn. While Troix and Harvik were running side by side in the lead, Blaney was in third place and moving away from the underpass where Caster was charging from outside. Blaney was unable to stand in front of Custer in time and was stuck watching watching Custer rolling.

"These decisions, you have to make them really fast, and it is really hard just to tie a right in the middle of the corner and try to get up there and things like that," said Blaney. "So, yes, I look at that, and maybe I will probably kick myself a little bit over that if there is time to wake up. Maybe I wasn't really aggressive enough in that, but I have to look. But it's really hard.

Sometimes your quorum will say, “Clear,” but it is really hard to leave the steering wheel and turn right because you will lose speed when going up the hill and if you are six inches clear, you may close quickly ... You learn from things like this and see what you will do next time. "

Harvick took the lead on his back. Truex advanced on the track to smash behind Harvick but hit Harvick in the left back. Both cars lost momentum.

Custer was loaded and compressed between the wall and a truck. They made a slight connection. This slowed Custer's momentum. Truex recovered and got next to Harvick in Turn 4, creating a draft for Custer, while Blaney raced inside.

"I tried to slide behind (Harvick) from (Turn) 2 over there, so I didn't practice shipping," Troix said. "I broke his back enough to turn it sideways."

Harvick said: "Martin misjudged his back and took me aside. It got out of the gas and this just brought everyone into the picture and then we got four straight in front."

Blaney tried to get away from Truex, Harvick, and Custer and ran on the low track before cutting the apron on the front line.

"I was just trying to get out of these three guys," Blaney said. "I was just trying to get some space between us and not get a draft or a slowdown. I couldn't necessarily see them, but I was told that I was in fourth place (on a large scale) and that was for progress, so obviously I will get away from them as much as possible because I I felt that they were all going to slow each other down and I might have an advantage.

"People do this all the time, and they cut the apron on every available race track, and there aren't any other types of slopes on them."

Or drain. One of Dale Earnhardt Jr. was run over in the 2016 race there.

"I don't understand how you can rebuild a place a few years ago and there is a bigger leap than any path we go, but yes, I didn't even know it was there," said Blaney. "We never run to it. You never ran there, and I really didn't know it would be that bad. I was lucky because he didn't wipe us all."

With momentum from the draft, Custer rushed out of Truex. When they got to the start / end line to start the final roll, Blaney was in the apron with Harvick, Truex, and Custer together. The first four cars crossed the fourth line widely.

This is when Blaney hit the banks. His car drove off the track, drove to the right, and hit the Harvik. The contact moved the Harvick car up the track and forced Truex to rise. This came after Custer cleansed them. At that point, Custer focused on his first cup victory.

Custer later said of that moment: "I just wanted to start screaming honestly."

"I was like, man, I have to wait until I get to the start / end line because I'm going to feel this thing. At this point, I kind of knew I had it."

he did.

Blaney said: "It was the last wild lap, the last couple of courses to be honest with you."

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