In this country, more than 350 elephants were found dead

In this country, more than 350 elephants were found dead
In this country, more than 350 elephants were found dead, sick, or someone mixed poison in the water!

The bodies of more than 350 elephants have been recovered in the African country of Botswana in the past. Hundreds of photos of these dead elephants are going viral on social media. Most of these elephants have died near a water source, so it is suspected that it may also be a case of poisoning. However, many scientists are trying to find out whether it is a disease.

The Botswana government has not yet reacted to the case, but such incidents of killing elephants for teeth have also come to light in Zimbabwe. National Rescue Park's Conservation Director, Dr. Neil Machen told the Guardian that elephants have never been seen dying naturally in such large numbers. Such deaths occur only during drought, but water is still present. Machen says his colleagues have identified more than 350 dead elephants in the country's southern African Okavango Delta since early May.

The Botswana government is silent on the matter, but the cause of death has been investigated. The government has conducted laboratory tests, but it is time to get their results. Note that one-third of the elephant population in Africa lives in Botswana. The aerial reconnaissance team has seen the bodies of only 169 elephants. Machen said the corpses found by various teams are more than 350. The most surprising thing is that the corpse is found only of elephants and not of any creature.

Dr. According to Machen, if it had been poaching, other animals would have been found, but this is not the case. Also, if the poison was put into the water, other animals would fall prey to this water. Therefore, it may have happened due to some disease. He said that most of the dead elephants have been seen on their faces, which are symptoms of poisoning, but until the results of laboratory tests or any authentic information are found, it would be wrong to say anything.

It is also feared that it may be due to some disease coming from humans in these animals. Botswana Department of Wildlife and National Parks acting director Drs. According to Cyril Tolo, at least 280 elephants have died so far. He said that information about other animals is still being collected, and only after the results of the lab can be said something clear.

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