Inside Donald Trump's charismatic relationship with Ivanka behind public spoofing

Inside Donald Trump's charismatic relationship with Ivanka behind public spoofing
Donald Trump, 72, is the President of the United States. His wife, Melania, 49, is the first lady of the United States. However, the so-called real first lady is his daughter Ivanka Trump, 38.

Ivanka Trump is the oldest daughter of Donald Trump. She is often next to her father and has been given a special role as advisor to the president, especially when it comes to women's issues and politics. She and Donald are close, but what makes a physical language expert their relationship?

Ivanka moved to Washington with her husband Jared Kushner and their three children after his inauguration.

She has been on various overseas trips representing the President and the American people.

Judy James, a body language expert, analyzed the father and daughter for

She claims that the couple focus on Ivanka’s important role within the government.

"There appears to be a definite feeling of appearing" among the public, "between Trump and Ivanka, and their definition as" bilateral power "and reflect Ivanka's important role in the White House president's team," said Judy.

In fact, Donald sees his daughter as an heir of sorts.

Judy went: "It is a strain view, with some frequent reflection between them to suggest similar thinking in professional and respectful scenarios that seem reciprocal like affection.

"It seems that the way Trump holds her hand in both shots in the last shot points to this idea that indicates that he appears as a direct heir who trusts, supports and supports him."

The expert suggested that it would not be wise to be between the spouses.

She said, "Donald smiling with pride and feeling that if you bother Ivanka, you are also bothering Trump.

"It is a glamorous and magical outlook with both pride in being in the company of the other.

Donald definitely takes a different approach with his youngest daughter Tiffany 26.

Judy said: "Trump's rituals of body language with Tiffany seem to be just a parent.

"There is little sparkle in power from the president and it seems kissing the cheek is more of a natural affection than promoting a breed."

Ivanka Trump wore a white dress to the White House campaign recently.

Chanel has handled 3,640 pounds and can be designed with a single or double chain.

Another Trump woman, Melania, was out yesterday as she met the fire brigade members.

Melania Trump wore a blue shirt dress, which fell below the knee.

She wore a white face mask, which matched with her white heels.

Melania's hair was styled in beautiful drying.

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