Is Allen dead? Why does Toy Story actor turn to Twitter?

Tim Allen was popular on Twitter today, and that has prompted many people to believe that Toy Story actor is dead, but is he really?

So, this is one of those strange moments when a celebrity's name begins to appear on Twitter and people immediately think that this person is dead.

However, it often ends up not being the case and then people speculate why they started going in the first place.

Often, there is no real explanation as to why the name started to trend, and this seems to be the case with the Toy Story and Home Improvement game, Tim Allen.

However, the actor's fans were still worried that he had passed and taken to Twitter to pay their "respect".

I say "respect", and that's not what really happened.

There is a lot of this on Twitter now and Tim Allen seems to be the last victim of this new trend on Twitter.

When this started happening on Twitter, people started doing something very annoying.

They tweeted: "RIP [insert celebrity's name here]", then posted a photo of another actor or celebrity.

It's just a joke, but it seems like it entertains a lot of people.

However, I tried to figure out the reason behind Tim Allen's direction.

Has Allen really died? The answer to this question is no.

Still alive and well.

He might have something to do with renewing his show, then he swelled up in a "did he die" conversation.

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