Israel destroyed Iran's nuclear base

Israel destroyed Iran's nuclear base
Israel has destroyed its nuclear facilities in a fierce cyber attack on its hostile Iran. Israeli fire ignited Iran's uranium enrichment center and missile manufacturing center. With its deadly F-35 fighter jet, Israel attacked and destroyed a missile manufacturing site in Iran's Parchin region.

The incident occurred last week, according to news from Kuwaiti newspaper Al Jarida. The newspaper wrote that Israel's cyber attack opened fire on Thursday at the Natanj Nuclear Enrichment Center in Iran and caused a massive explosion. This entire center has been built underground. The Kuwaiti newspaper also claimed that a F-16 fighter jet stealthily flew the camp in Iran's Parchin area last Friday. It is said that it was a missile production center.

Israel continues to allege that Iran is supplying its weapons and missiles to the anti-Jewish Hezbollah. Iran has suffered a major setback in this sudden attack. It is also said about Iran's nuclear program that it took almost two months due to this attack by Israel.

Both attacks in Iran have not yet been confirmed by Israel. There were earlier reports that Iran attempted to dent Israel's water supply in April. These days, both countries are trying desperately to carry out cyber attacks on each other.

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