Kyle Hendricks of the Cubs has his first full match at MLB since 2013

Chicago's first Cuban man Anthony Rizzo brought the epidemic courtesy to Baseball Diamond on Friday when the Hand Sanitizer offered the Milwaukee Brewers Short Orlando Arkia after a third-half song on Friday.

"Just sitting with some of my friends, I'm joking," Rizzo said after the Cubs beat. "The first man who goes on will give him some hand sanitizer." We have a lot of respect for beer. It was one of those things. "

Arkia, who went 3 vs 3, was the only brower to reach the first base in closing Kyle Hendrix with three strikes and thus the only player in Milwaukee who got the nice Rizzo action.

"It was my first too," Arkia said through an interpreter. "It also surprised me. I wasn't ready. I didn't think he would actually do that."

Rizzo said he thought about the idea a few days ago, then forgot about it but remembering in time to put the can in his back pocket. After obligating, Arcia restored the cleanser again and the game continued.

"I was surprised by the cameras," Rizzo said sarcastically.

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