Loi Gohmert, who refused to wear a mask, was positive for Covid-19

Rep. Louis Gomert, a Texas Republican who has refused to wear a mask, has been shown to be positive for coronavirus.

News broke out on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, prompting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to announce new rules requiring masks on the floor of the House and renewed debate about access to tests for members of Congress and their staff. The diagnosis also comes as congressional leaders from both parties remain very far in the negotiations over the stimulus package to respond to the Covid-19 epidemic.

Gohmert was to travel aboard Air Force One on Wednesday with President Donald Trump to Midland, Texas, where the president held a fundraising campaign and toured an oil rig. A person familiar with the situation told CNN that the Gohmert test was positive for coronavirus Wednesday morning during a pre-flight inspection at the White House.

A senior Republican aide told CNN that the test results had caused problems in Hill as "many employees" had ordered the tests before they could attend meetings and resume activity. Some are isolated in their offices so they can test it. The assistant to the Republican Party said that Gomert's office notified the Republican leaders who informed the medical staff of the House of Representatives of the protocol and began to notify.

Gohmert released a video statement on Twitter saying, "The reports of my meridian are largely premature," indicating that he was without symptoms. "I don't have any of the symptoms listed as part of Covid-19, but it looks like I'm infected with the Wuhan virus," he said.

Several lawmakers have said they are planning self-quarantine in response to Gohmert's case, including Texas Republican Texas Kai Granger who sat next to Gohmert on a recent trip.

Representative Raul Grijalva, an Arizona Democrat who heads the House Natural Resources Committee, said he would cut himself off as well.

"I am doing the self-quarantine until I take the test and then again until the results appear. Meanwhile, my work schedule and the lives of the employees are disrupted," Grigalva said in a statement. This stems from the selfish act of Mr. Gohmert, who is only one member of Congress.

Politico first reported the news of the Gohmert test.

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