Mary Trump's book sells 950,000 copies on the first day of the publisher

Mary Trump's book sells 950,000 copies on the first day of the publisher
Mary L. Trump scored for President Trump, Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Made The Most Dangerous Men in the World, a record on the first day of Simon and Schuster after the publisher said Thursday that he had sold 950,000 copies, including before the sales.

The combined sales of print, digital, and audio issues outperformed John Bolton's bestseller for former National Security Adviser "The Room That Happened", another rebuke to the president published by Simon & Schuster, released last month. Bolton's book sold 800,000 copies in the first week.

"He has entered" a lot and never much "into the national conversation in a way that only a few books have done, and has become a cultural phenomenon and must be read for anyone seeking to understand the unique dynamics of the family that produced the most powerful man in the world today, said Jonathan Carp, CEO of Simon & Schuster in A statement, according to the Los Angeles Times, "It is both a revealing psychological picture and a work of historical significance at the same time."

Mary Trump is a clinical psychologist and daughter of the president's older brother, Fred Trump, the son who died in 1981.

After printing her book, Robert Trump, the president's younger brother, filed a lawsuit in June to stop the book's release, citing a non-disclosure agreement she signed in 2001 in a settlement regarding her inheritance.

A New York judge said last month that the publishers were not bound by the NDA and lifted the restriction order for Mary Trump this week, freeing her for interviews.

The book was released on Tuesday - two weeks before the original date.

On Thursday, White House press secretary Kylie McNanny described the memos as "the book of lies, simple and simple," according to The Washington Post.

Bob Woodward Trump's 2018 book "Fear: Trump at the White House" was the best-selling pre-pre-sale of Simon & Schuster with 750,000 copies of pre-sale and first day combined, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Woodward plans to release another book on Trump before the elections.

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