Michael Brooks, political commentator and podcast host, has passed away at the age of 37

Michael Brooks, political commentator and podcast host, has passed away at the age of 37
Michael Brooks, the political commentator who hosted the online series The Michael Brooks Showl and The Majority Report, died on Twitter because of a sudden medical condition. He was 37.

"With a heavy heart, we announce the death of Michael Brooks unexpectedly: a son, brother, friend and true companion of many due to a sudden medical condition," the Twitter statement said. "Michael believed in bringing people together in the struggle for love and justice, and fighting for all the poor and working, a struggle he understood as universal. He knew that the only way we could do this was by bringing people together and making his life work bring people together Different backgrounds and countries together. We hope you will join us in honoring him by continuing this work. "

Majority Report is a daily political talk show that episodes on YouTube and podcast services like iTunes, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and others. Since 2013, Brooks has appeared as a show contributor and discussed politics and cultural issues. The "Michael Brooks Show" was launched in 2017 with Brooks as a host discussing politics, history and pop culture.

Brooks also appeared as an analyst for Al Jazeera English and the Huffington Post and other outlets, according to the show's website. He also wrote two books "Against the Web: A Global Answer to the New Right" and "The Book of Buddha" co-written by Josh Summers.

The Brooks family will create an institution in his honor and ask people to treat "all human beings with respect and dignity" to honor him.

"It is impossible to determine the impact that will happen to him and he will be greatly missed," the statement said. "His family and friends want to ensure this work continues and they are preparing plans for the best way to ensure the continuation of this battle. His family will release a statement in the near future about plans to keep his work alive by creating an institution in his honor. While the form that he will take is uncertain, the family Michael wishes to keep his work alive and asks all those who wish to contribute to continue this in the usual channels. Now we will honor Michael by treating all people with respect and dignity. "

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