Mike Tyson faces Roy Jones Junior in the September 12 show match

Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson returns.

Tyson, 54, will fight Roy Jones Jr. at an eight-tier exhibition on September 12 at Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, California. The match will be streamed on the pay-per-view system as well as the Triller multimedia platform. According to a press release, Triller will also feature a 10-part series that leads to the match.

Tyson (50-6) has caused a stir on social media in the past few months by posting clips of himself training. He fought the last battle 15 years ago, when Kevin McBride arrested Tyson in six rounds.

Tyson, appearing on ESPN's First Take on Thursday, explained his reasons for returning to the ring.

This is because I can do this. Tyson said, and I think others think they can do this too. Just because we are fifty-four years old, this does not mean that we should start a new career and that our lives are completely over. Not when I feel the beauty I feel, and I'm sure others feel the same.

"I didn't get many punches. After the last battle I went through, I left and lived my life, and I have had some experiences, and now I'm back here. I feel I took better care of my body and my state of mind than most of the fighters before me who retired and returned."

Jones (66-9), at his peak, was considered the most brilliant boxer in the sport, winning titles in Medium, Light Medium, Light Heavy, and Heavy Weight. He has an impressive blend of speed, technology and circular intelligence.

Last month, Jones, 51, expressed interest in a possible match with Tyson.

"I was trying to enjoy retirement, but it seems people don't want to let me retire," Jones said. "They keep calling me, telling me that Mike wants to come back, and that you will be a big opponent to Mike.

We always wanted to see him, but I was better at that time. Tyson is still a damn hell. Still a problem to deal with. But at the same time, life is life, you only live once. Want to know what it looks like, go there to see. You still have to see it. "

Iron Mike is one of the most fierce fighters in the world. He became the youngest heavyweight champion in history (20 years and four months old) by stopping Trevor Burbeek in two rounds in November 1986.

Tyson then ruled the oath with impunity, which resulted in nine successful defenses and unification of the division before a Douglas Poster annoyed him in February 1990.

After spending three years in prison for rape, Tyson returned to boxing in 1995, then won the WBC and WBA heavyweight titles in 1996. The last real big fight for Tyson came in the summer of 2002, when he was paused in eight rounds by Lennox Lewis .

As for Jones, his career plummeted after being directed by Antonio Tarver in 2004. That started the losing streak with three shifts, and the fighter who was previously considered untouchable became more vulnerable to injury.

Jones last appeared in a professional match in February 2018, when Scott defeated Sigmon with a decision. The last known name on the ledger, Enzo MacCarinelli, was taken from Jones on four rounds in Moscow in 2015.

Tyson was not very concerned when asked about the danger he and Jones face in fighting at their age.

"We are both a brilliant fighter, we know how to take care of ourselves," he said. "It's an eight-round show, listen up, we'll be fine. Believe me, we can take care of ourselves."

In an interview with Yahoo Sports, Andy Foster, executive director of the California State Sports Commission, said he believed there would be no headgear, but boxers would use 12-ounce gloves.

On Thursday afternoon, the Athletic newspaper reported that former NBA player Nate Robinson and YouTube star Jake Paul had agreed to fight in Tyson Jones.

For Robinson, the three-time NBA champion, this will be his first boxing match. Paul fought twice, the last of which was a technical victory in the first round of his fellow AnEsonGib (known as Gib) on YouTube in January.

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