Most schools in the Gulf region will be prohibited from reopening classrooms under the Newsom order

Most schools in the Gulf region will be prohibited from reopening classrooms under the Newsom order
Millions of public and private school students across California will be prevented from returning to class so their provinces can slow the spread of the coronavirus, according to an order issued by state governor Gavin Newsom on Friday.

This system ensures that the vast majority of areas across the state will actually start and stay that school year until their provinces meet specific requirements in number of cases, hospitalization and other criteria.

When schools reopen, employees as well as students in Grades 3 to 12 must wear masks, and younger students will be encouraged to do so. Older students who refuse to wear masks will be asked to participate in distance learning.

California is the first state in the U.S. to explicitly prohibit students who do not comply with the mask's mandate from going to school in person, according to Newsome's administration.

The governor's order also required reopened areas to test every COVID-19 every two months, including 300,000 state teachers, a costly and stressful situation that could overburden the already stressful testing system in the state. The governor said the reformed state test plan unveiled by officials this week would prioritize getting quick results for school employees and requiring healthier plans to raise costs.

However, officials said testing requirements and other conditions outlined in the order could prevent schools from reopening for months.

"Learning is still not negotiable, but also no security," Newsom told a news conference at the California Office of Emergency Services in Sacramento County. "Students, teachers, staff, and parents prefer teaching in the classroom ... but only if we can do it safely."

The order against reopening classrooms applies to schools in counties listed in California due to escalating coronavirus infection and hospitalization. As of Friday, more than 30 of the state's 58 state states were on the list, including every county in the Gulf region except San Matteo. Statewide, more than 80% of the population lives in watchlist counties.

Under the rules announced by Newsom on Friday, schools in these provinces can only hold personal classes if the provinces are out of observation for 14 days.

State mandate means that millions of public and private school students will start the school year in distance learning, reflecting local decisions to return students and teachers to full or part-time classes.

In Marin County, many districts were planning to provide personal instructions when urging district education and health officials. Newsome's announcement largely takes this off the table, given Marin's recent case highs.

Mary Jane Burke, principal of the district schools, said that although the new state system means that every school in Marin may be connected to the internet when it opens up, it also provides much-needed clarity.

She said, “Someone says,“ This is what safety looks like. ”“ I feel it would have been nice if this information had been released earlier. ”

Schools in counties that leave a state watchlist for two weeks will not automatically reopen personal classes. These decisions will be left to individual neighborhoods and public health personnel.

Under the new rules, local health personnel will be allowed to grant an exemption for personal classes to primary schools if the district supervisor requests, in consultation with work, parents and unspecified community organizations.

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