NBA players rode a knee before the re-opening season of the league

Every NBA player kneeled and resumed the NBA season on Thursday while the national anthem wore "black life" shirts.

Moments before the clarification Thursday evening, players from the New Orleans Pelicanans and Utah Jazz team, joined by coaches and match officials, rode a knee.

Both the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers followed suit before their match in Orlando.

In some game shirts, players' names have been replaced by messages like "Equality", "I am a man", "Ali" and "Say her name", which sends a clear message to support the social justice movement.

After this moment, NBA commissioner Adam Silver said he would not force the players to stand during the anthem.

I respect the work of our united teams to peacefully protest for social justice and under these unique circumstances our old rule that requires standing during the playing of our national anthem will not be imposed. "

The New Orleans Pelicans newspaper said in a statement that the team stands for "the ideals of freedom of expression and the right to peaceful protest".

“Collectively with Utah Jazz, our organization joins the NBA in supporting players and coaches. To promote meaningful change related to social justice and racial equality, the New Orleans Pelicans team collaborated with players, employees, and coaches to create social justice leadership and the coalition committed to fostering discussion, listening, learning and taking action to make a difference Positive in our society and our country. "

Al-Jazz stated that the team "is committed to promoting social justice and standing to support players, coaches and employees as they exercise the first amendment rights, and they use their voices, experiences and platforms to express themselves peacefully."

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