Nina Kapoor, 26, from CBS, died after a motorcycle accident in New York

Nina Kapoor, 26, from CBS, died after a motorcycle accident in New York
Nina Kapoor, a 26-year-old reporter in New York City, died after she fell out of a bike hired from Revel, a popular sharing motorcycle service.

"We are sad here at CBS2 where one of our family members has died," CNN's CBS New York said in a statement on Sunday. "Correspondent Nina Kapoor joined the team in June 2019 and was known for her infectious smile and her love to tell stories."

Kapoor was riding on the back of a 26-year-old Rival's scooter when he "skewed for an unknown reason" Saturday evening in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, according to New York police spokeswoman Dennis Moroni.

Kapoor and the driver fell on the road, and while the driver was slightly injured, Kapoor was transferred to the hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Moroni said the investigation was continuing. Do not wear helmets.

Similar to the rental of electric scooters that appeared across the country, people can use the scooter by simply downloading the app and opening the closest one for $ 1. It is currently available in New York, Austin, Texas, Miami, Oakland, California and Washington DC, and anyone over the age of 21 can have one valid driving license.

According to the Revel website, Revels only reach 30 miles an hour and riding on highways and major bridges is not permitted. Helmets, which the company says are clean "with effective COVID-19 disinfectants", are provided in the bike trunk.

In a statement to CNN, a spokesperson for Revel said the company "is actively investigating this incident" and is working with New York police in its investigations as well.

"Revell expresses his deepest sympathy to the family of Nina Kapoor and their loved ones for their loss," the spokesman added.

Prior to Kapoor joining CBS New York as a reporter on the air, she worked for News 12 in Connecticut.

"News Station 12 remembers Kapoor employees because of the incredible business ethics, as well as the sense of humor and smile," the station said.

Her fellow journalists took Twitter to remember her.

Susan Gold Klang of News12 tweeted: "NinaKapur was alive and had great plans for the future. Funny, trendy and often the first person to like him on social media."

Nina was perfect. Very beautiful. Vibrant. She inspired me to be an excellent journalist and make great moves at such an early age. "

Kapoor was a 2016 graduate of Syracuse University's broadcast and digital journalism program.

Barbara Fayet, a faculty advisor in Kapoor and one of her professors, described the young journalist as a "bright light, and a very positive person, with a contagious smile", according to an email from Mark Ludato, dean of the university's College of Public Communications sent to faculty and staff.

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