Ohio House Speaker arrested for $ 60m bribery scheme

Ohio House Speaker arrested for $ 60m bribery scheme
Federal authorities arrested the Republican speaker of the Ohio House on Tuesday on charges related to a $ 60 million bribery scheme.

Larry House Holder and four other political activists were charged with blackmail in what US attorney David Devellers described as "possibly the largest ever money-laundering scheme ever carried out against the people of Ohio."

"Make no mistake, these allegations are bribery, pure and simple," Devils told a news conference. "This was a payment game. I use the term pay-to-play because this is the term they allegedly used in the affidavit."

A criminal complaint filed on Thursday that was not concealed on Tuesday specifically alleges that the homeowner and four others have coordinated a process to accept more than $ 60 million from "Company A" in exchange for a public bailout of the company worth more than $ 1 billion.

While the complaint does not bear the name "Company A", plaintiffs point out at many points that the company is FirstEnergy Corp - including quotes from news articles referring to the company by name.

The company told CNN in a statement Tuesday that they had "received subpoenas" regarding the investigation.

"We review the details of the investigation and intend to cooperate fully."

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