Post Malone wears a University of Utah hat on Joe Rogan's podcast, explaining why he moved to Utah

Post Malone (apparently) chose a side in the University of Utah football competition.

Malone - whose real name is Austin Post - appeared on Joe Rogan's podcast on Wednesday, wearing the University of Utah hat. During the broadcast, Malone reported on his decision to move to Utah. Podcast contains mature language.

Malone said he loves to live in Utah because of mountain ranges, landscapes and escape from city life. He said he enjoys seeing giant mountains and feeling young at the same time.

"It is unbelievable," Malone said. "And it's free."

Malone said Utah is great for making music because you "feel that you are part of something bigger but you are so petty. You can just say, I accept everything around me while I'm comfortable and I'm at peace, knowing that ... the world turns around you and everything happens for a reason What. "

He said that Utah left him "in peace" and "relieved". "Do not worry".

He said, "Los Angeles has always been doing something." “I couldn't do it,” he said, and this affected his creative process.

In September, Post Malone said in his album "Hollywood's Bleeding" that Utah had become an "oasis" for him, as she wrote about

"I recently moved from Los Angeles and moved to Utah. I feel that in Los Angeles and Hollywood, there is such a strange atmosphere where there are a lot of vampires."

He told Variety that Utah helps him relax from his anxiety as well.

"I would like to say since the beginning of middle school, I have always felt that I was always feeling anxious and sad all the time, but I sort of got out of it," he told Variety. "Being in Utah and getting away from milling and from anyone else and I just with my video games and cold, feel good for me."

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