Republican Senators mistake Elia Cummings for John Lewis in honor

Republican Senators mistake Elia Cummings for John Lewis in honor
In an attempt to honor the late Rep. John Lewis after his death, two Republicans mistakenly used the image of Rep. Elia Cummings, who died in October.

“It was an honor to know that he had the opportunity to work in Congress with JohnLewis, a true and historic American hero. May God grant him eternal peace,” wrote Senator Marco Rubio, RFL, on Twitter, and attached a photo of himself in a conversation with Cummings.

Louis, a symbol of the civil rights movement, died on Friday at the age of 80 from pancreatic cancer.

Rubio also made a photo of him and Cummings briefly in his Twitter profile picture.

Senator Dan Sullivan, R-AK, made a similar mistake on Facebook. The circular has since been deleted, but the Senator's spokesman said in a statement that "Sullivan's employees made a mistake in trying to honor an American legend."

Rubio's tweet was also deleted and his profile photo changed, but not before users can catch his bug and share it online.

Rubio posted shortly after deleting the image of Cummings, a Maryland Democrat who died last year at the age of 68 after a history of health problems: "Earlier today, I tweeted an incorrect photo."

John Lewis wrote was a true American hero, "I had the privilege of appearing together in Miami 3 years ago in an event filmed in the video below ... my Lord granted him eternal rest", Rubio continued, this time including a picture of himself and Louis, who also did his photo Personal.

Rubio's error sparked outrage among some politicians who demanded an apology for the mixing of two black legislators.

What an honor to know ... "Unrealistic. I am happy that Marcorubio has removed this disgraceful post but owes an apology to both the Lewis family and the Cummings family," Representative Bobby Rush, D.-El. , Chirp.

Rep. Adriano Espaillat, DNY, described Rubio's tweet as "a shame" and said, "As the top US senator from your state, you and your team must know the difference between the late congressman Elijah Cummings and congressman John Lewis. # Tragically ... correct and correct it." !

Lewis, the son of a stock farmer, has served in Congress for more than three decades representing the Atlanta region.

Lewis was a proponent of the peaceful protest whose skull was torn by Alabama soldiers during a bloody Sunday at Edmund Petus Bridge in Selma in 1965. The last surviving speaker was from March 1963 in Washington.

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