Rocket attack on United States Embassy in Baghdad

Rocket attack on United States Embassy in Baghdad
Rockets were fired again on Sunday, targeting the United States Embassy and military base in Iraq's capital Baghdad. The Iraqi military said rockets fell near the United States embassy in Baghdad's safest green zone. A boy has been injured in this attack.

Rocket attack on American soldiers too

At the same time, the second rocket attack was carried out against the new Baghdad military base. This military base also houses American soldiers. It is believed that the rocket attack was targeting them. The Iraqi army has also captured the Katyusha rocket and its launcher.

Rocket attack 35 times since October

Since October, the US embassy and military have reportedly fired rockets at Iranian rebel groups more than 35 times. However, Iran has always denied its involvement in these attacks. This time also, Iranian-backed organizations have said that they have no hand in this attack.

American rocket dropped by missile system

According to a BBC report, the attack was carried out when the US tested its new anti-missile defense system called C RAM just hours earlier. This defense system can destroy any approach missile by firing in the air.

Tension escalated after Sulaimani's murder

Tensions between the United States and Iran have been at their peak since the assassination of Iranian General Qasim Suleimani. Recently, Iran's Revolutionary Guards have released information about a number of weapons that may raise concern for the United States. Recently, the Iranian Navy took a step to destroy the American aircraft race.

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