Tesla lowers initial price of Y-type SUV.

Tesla lowers initial price of Y-type SUV.
Tesla lowered the price of another vehicle. This time it is Model Y, an electric SUV that the company began shipping in March. The long-term SUV version of the car is listed with a purchase price of $ 49,990, or $ 3,000 less than before. New car prices were first reported by Electrek over the weekend.

In May, Tesla lowered the prices of many of its electric cars, including luxury cars such as the Model S Sedan and Model X SUV. The new price comes as American auto makers try to lure buyers despite the economic repercussions of the COVID-19 epidemic.

The traditional three major US car companies, Ford and General Motors and Chrysler Fiat cars offer 0% financing rates, in addition to deferred or long-term payment options, while other car manufacturers also announced incentives and payment plans to attract new buyers and keep existing owners From defaulting on loans.

Early this month, Tesla said it had delivered 90,650 cars in the second quarter, down 4.8% due to a pandemic and the suspension of production at its main plant in the United States for several weeks, but still better than analysts had expected. Most deliveries, or 80,050, were Form 3 and Model Y, while the remaining 10,600 were Top S and Model X.

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