The corona also spreads through the air, say 239 scientists from 32 countries

The corona also spreads through the air, say 239 scientists from 32 countries
Is the coronavirus also in the air, in short, does it also spread in the air? The World Health Organization has directly denied this, but hundreds of scientists believe that coronavirus is a disease that spreads to the air. According to a New York Times report, hundreds of scientists claim that small particles of the corona virus are also present in the air, which can infect people. It has also requested the WHO to revise its recommendations in this regard.

The WHO is claiming that the coronavirus spreads from one person to another when the infected person's droplets reach another while sneezing. However, the thinking of scientists of many countries is different from this. According to the NYT, the scientists have written an open letter to the WHO, which is planned to be published in a scientific journal next week. In this document, 239 scientists from 32 countries have given evidence that small virus particles in the air can infect people.

These scientists say that, along with large drops emanating from an infected person's cough or sneezing, even small drops of water released during breathing can spread to the air and infect another person. However, the WHO says that you cannot believe the evidence of viruses found in the air.

The technical head of the WHO infection prevention and control team, Drs. Bendetta Allegrenzi said in this regard: "We have said many times, especially in recent months, that aerial infection is possible, but no concrete evidence has yet been found.

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