The father and son duo contracted with heroin for Rs 1 crore in Mizoram

The father and son duo contracted with heroin for Rs 1 crore in Mizoram
Officials said on Monday that Mizoram police arrested a man and his son by smuggling 1.9 kg of heroin from neighboring Myanmar to the state.

The criminal investigation department of Mizoram police said that the heroin, which is worth about Rs 1 crore, was smuggled from Myanmar by Dokima, 62, and his son Rithnamboya, 33, both of whom are Mizoram citizens.

The suspects were arrested on Saturday under the Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances Act, and are now being interrogated by Criminal Investigation Department officials.

"The men may have dropped about 280 grams of heroin, valued at Rs 15 lakh, while swimming across a river while trying to escape after noticing the police force," said a criminal investigation official who declined to be named.

Although Mizoram's international borders with Bangladesh and Myanmar and the interstate borders with Tripura, Assam and Manipur are closed due to a COVID-19 outbreak, smuggling of drugs, weapons, ammunition and other contraband continues.

Assam Rifles personnel recently seized 25 trucks loaded with betel nuts, valued at about Rs.4 crore, which were smuggled from Myanmar.

Mountainous Mizoram has unregistered international borders of 404 km with Myanmar and 318 km with Bangladesh. While BSF guards the borders of Bangladesh, the borders with Myanmar are secured by Assam Rifles.

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