The strange silence that followed Tiger Woods at the memorial tournament

The strange silence that followed Tiger Woods at the memorial tournament

No roar. Don't clap. No Let's go tiger! Coming from the fair that would go deep into rows and rows with fans trying to get a glimpse as the most famous golfer was standing on the tee at No. 1.

Welcome back to the PGA, Tiger Tour, and welcome to How Tour Events Are Running Now. While the rest of the players in the round had five tournaments to accustom to events without fans amid the coronavirus pandemic, Woods had no direct experience until Thursday during the first round of the memorial tournament.

"There were still a lot of wheelchairs and many media outlets moving, but the energy was not the same without the fans," said Woods after the opening round 1-under 71, which left him in a tie. In 18th place and five shots behind Commander Tony Venao. "It was definitely noticeable, and mostly different. But there are still a lot of moving parts with camera kits."

Woods resisted wanting to return to the tour sooner. It was curious how events would go after a three-month shutdown due to COVID-19. In early June, it was announced that the memorial would be the first event to allow a limited number of viewers. But as coronary HIV infections rose in the United States, the PGA Tour decided to cancel this idea. Soon after, the tour announced that there would be no fans in any of the events left this season.

On Thursday, Woods biggest difference was that he didn't have to make his way around a treasure trove of fans trying to get a picture of him or slapping his hand as he walked to the next hole. The majority of people who followed Woods during the inaugural tour of Muirfield Village were media members and tournament officials.

"We usually have guards and weapons," he said. "For example, on 16 and 17, it was a good idea to walk outside the sixteenth green zone going directly to the starting point rather than wandering. It is certainly different here with some walks. But you can move from point A to point B" "Very directly I never felt this way. I usually walk around in a roundabout, so it feels good."

He was not completely silent with Woods. Fans stood in their yards screaming the name of Woods every opportunity they could in 18 holes. Some of them stood on their chairs so that they could see over the tops of the walls. A group of women shouted on the balcony, "We love you, Tiger," after on his 17th flight to the basement. There is no doubt that Woods was still the main attraction on a day when Bryson DeChambeau had two motors at least 407 yards - topping one at 423 yards. There were groups of children, who were not even born when Woods dominated the tour, riding their bikes on the sidewalk outside the gardens. One man said, "I saw what I wanted, I will go back inside," after a second shot from Woods at nine o'clock.

Woods, who uses the crowd to his advantage, has some adaptation for fans. There is no doubt that a roar would have been heard from a distance if the spectators were present when Woods rolled a 9-foot placement of a small bird in the first hole. Instead, there were a few chants from a nearby yard, as Woods looked over there and said "thank you" on his way to the next hole. Admire these fans who sneaked a peek with a nod or a brief wave throughout the round.

"I definitely had no energy problem and I don't have the fans' reactions," Woods said. "I still feel the same enthusiasm, mystery, and nervousness that started, and that was good. It was a good feeling. I haven't felt this for a while."

Nine Woods appeared on his first tour since February, where a wedge shot landing 4 inches from the hole for a small bird appeared on the number 15, and a bird hit 14 feet on the number 18. These footage ended in relative silence, apart from playing partners Rory McIlroy and Koepka Brooks Congratulate him.

"It is definitely a different feeling, a new reality, and we have to get used to it," Woods said.

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