Tragic accident in Myanmar, landslides in rain killed more than 100 people

Tragic accident in Myanmar, landslides in rain killed more than 100 people
A painful accident has emerged in Myanmar. Here more than 100 people have died due to landslides in the Jade Mine. After landslides in northern Myanmar, the bodies of at least 100 jade miners were exhumed on Thursday.

The Myanmar Fire Services Department said in a Facebook post that after heavy rains near the Chinese border in Kachin State, activists were collecting stones in the prosperous Hapakant region near Kachin State, according to the news agency Reuters. Where miners died of landslides caused by mining. So far 113 bodies have been removed.

Rescuers say that there was heavy rainfall in the area and then a huge flood of mud came like a wave and it was submerged by the slipping of rocks. Explain that fatal landslides and other accidents are common in the poorly regulated mines of Hapakant.

38-year-old Moon Khang from the area who witnessed the accident said he saw a pile of garbage, which was on the verge of falling and when he was about to take a photo, people shouted to flee. He said that in a minute everyone was buried under him. There, people trapped in the mud kept shouting for help, but no one could help them.

According to the police, many laborers are feared trapped in the debris after the accident. Relief and rescue teams are carrying out the bodies. However, relief and rescue teams are also facing many problems due to heavy rains.

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