Trump is confident of winning the November elections

Trump is confident of winning the November elections
US President Donald Trump on Tuesday expressed his confidence in winning the November elections, saying he would upset the country’s economy for the second time.

"This is a very important election. We did a great job. We had to turn it off, as I said, stop it, and now we have started again. You know, two weeks ago they announced job records, and Trump told reporters at a White House press conference, that almost Five million people, and this is last month, also a record, 2.8 million people. Nobody has done what we did, and we're doing it twice now. ”

"And I think by election day, you will see some amazing numbers. The third quarter will be really good. The fourth quarter will be wonderful, but next year it will be one of the best economic years so I hope to be the president, where we say look at the wonderful work that I did."

Trump was responding to a question about whether he would win the November presidential election. "Do you consider yourself the underdog in this race? Do you see yourself losing in the fall?" Asked.

"No, I don't have. I think we have really good poll numbers. They are not repression polls. They are real polls," the president stressed.

"We won a race where the same thing was, 2016. We had mock polls. It turned out to be fake. Not everyone, they were true. Three of them, to be exact, three of them. One of them was unexpected, but they got it right. They were proud. But we had, in 2016, something more than that. But we entered. ”

Trump said the media did not treat him fairly.

"They never did, and they probably will never do. But maybe they will change it only a second time. And it will happen very quickly. When we run it for the second time, they will happen. I think we told Trump that he performed very well in the polls and I think you have a silent majority , Never seen this country before.

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