Trump undermines the new virus strategy by hiding experts and facts

Trump undermines the new virus strategy by hiding experts and facts
President Donald Trump's new self-conservative political attempt to show that he has a hold on a pandemic kills hundreds of Americans every day subject to his refusal to share the stage with scientific experts - or facts.

On the day he unveiled his strategy for the reshaped campaign, Trump pulled out a strong push for law and order, escalated the Cold War with China and tried to show he was leading the fight against Covid-19 after weeks of neglect.

The president was swinging for several days, as a fierce wave of infections escalated across the belt, partly caused by conservatives who responded to his calls to open states before the pathogen was suppressed.

With a 20-point poll of presumptive Democratic candidate Joe Biden about who could best handle the situation, Trump took a rare step in partially reversing - wearing masks - although he was still reluctant to publicly present the first model. He also decided that the complete denial of the worst public health crisis in 100 years was not successful and returned to the White House Briefing Room to rotate the disaster as best he could.

The anchor of Trump's new briefings is a written opening in which cherry picks the most hoped for aspects of the epidemic that have destroyed the rhythm of American daily life and turned the economy upside down.

But in his two briefings so far, his re-treatment approach appears more like a cosmetic political exercise than an attempt to provide the country with targeted public health advice as the epidemic worsens.

One of the problems is that it will not appear alongside public health experts like Dr. Anthony Fossey and Dr. Deborah Perks.

"They are showing me, I meet them. I just spoke to Dr. Fossey, and Dr. Birks is right outside and they give me everything they know up to this point, and I give you Trump said on Wednesday."

I think it is a very brief way to do this. It seems to be working very well.

However, Trump continued to make misleading statements that had never been said by a public health expert but apparently believed to be politically beneficial. He blamed immigrants from Mexico who crossed the closed border for a spike in cases, along with youths attending anti-racist protests.

The president also claimed that children with strong immune systems do not bring the coronavirus home and that all schools can open in the fall. No scientific evidence was provided for confirmation or explanation, for example, why children who often catch influenza and colds in a classroom would not be at risk similar to that of coronavirus transmission.

Once again, Trump claimed falsely that the United States is doing "amazing things" compared to other countries fighting the virus. In fact, the United States lags behind highly industrialized nations in suppressing infection curves and leading the world in infections and deaths.

"The president doesn't want Fauci or Birx doctors because they are real-time fact checkers," Dr. Jonathan Rainer, a professor of medicine at George Washington University, told CNN's Kate Buldwan.

"Without them he can say either misleading or wrong things," Rainer said, using as an example the president's misleading interpretation of statistics at a positive rate on the test.

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