US bans Chinese company Huawei and ZTE

US bans Chinese company Huawei and ZTE
Following the banning of many Chinese mobile apps by India, the United States has also taken major action. Two Chinese companies have been banned in the United States. The United States has banned Chinese tech giants Huawei and ZTE from doing business in the United States, endangering security. The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on Tuesday called these companies dangerous on the basis of a 5–0 vote.

Let me tell you that the US government also did business with these companies, it had to buy goods for $ 8.3 billion, but now it has also closed. Significantly, the crisis in Huawei continues in India, this issue was discussed in the meeting of the Union Cabinet. It has a contestant in Huawei 5G network mapping, but can now be stopped. Let us tell you that on Monday, India banned 59 Chinese mobile apps for security reasons.

FCC President Ajit Pai said that we will not allow the Chinese Communist Party to play with American security. However, there is no statement from both companies on this decision so far. When there was a vote against him in November, he strongly condemned the FCC's action.

Significantly, US President Donald Trump approved an order in May last year. Accordingly, no telecom business will be conducted with the company, which is a threat to the security of the country. The US administration is already in dispute with Huawei and has been blacklisted.

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