US warning to China: Hong Kong will not allow independence to end

US warning to China: Hong Kong will not allow independence to end
The United States has strongly opposed the national security law implemented in Hong Kong, saying it will not sit quietly and will not let China violate its independence by imposing arbitrary law on Hong Kong under any circumstances. The US State Department issued a statement saying: "China's Communist Party's decision to implement stringent and arbitrary national security law in Hong Kong will end Hong Kong's autonomy and independence." It will also destroy China's achievement. "

According to a statement issued by the US State Department, Hong Kong has shown the world that independent Chinese can achieve a lot. Hong Kong represents an example of being a successful world economy as well as a diverse society. Earlier, the United States announced a ban on the export of defense equipment and sensitive technology to Hong Kong.

Significantly, China has implemented a controversial national security law in Hong Kong. Analysts around the world believe that this law will pose a serious threat to Hong Kong's autonomy and civil rights. In addition to Hong Kong, there are frequent protests against this law in the United States and several European countries.

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