US will definitely ban Chinese apps, including Tick Talk

US will definitely ban Chinese apps, including Tick Talk
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that the US would definitely ban Chinese social media apps, including Tick Talk. Significantly, many countries around the world who are battling the Corona virus are now bored with China and do not want to benefit China on their behalf.

Apart from Corona, India is enraged by the dragon on the border with the Chinese soldiers who fight the soldiers of India and try to capture the land of India. In view of China's intention, India has launched a digital attack on it. The Indian government recently banned 59 mobile apps in various ways, claiming to be detrimental to the country's sovereignty, integrity and national security. The IT ministry said in an official statement released on Monday that it had received several complaints from various sources, including various reports of misuse of some mobile applications available on Android and iOS platforms. These reports indicate that these applications "steal" user data and send it to servers located outside India without authorization.

Apart from ticketlock, India was a big market for apps like Share IT, UC Browser, UC News, Hello, Like, WeChat, Wego, Cam Scanner, Clean Master. Most applications had a user base of millions and earned a lot. The UC browser became the largest browser in the country after Google Chrome. TicTalk was downloaded about 47 million times in India. 30% of its total users were in India. Although the application lagged behind Facebook in terms of revenue, but in terms of user base, it overtook big companies like Facebook.

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