Vladimir Putin to remain President until 2036

Vladimir Putin to remain President until 2036
President Vladimir Putin will now remain in power in Russia until 2036. This means that Putin will now remain the country's president for the next 16 years. Putin ordered July 3 to implement constitutional amendments that allow him to remain in power. These orders are issued after voters approve the changes during a week-long referendum. Putin's current term will expire in 2024. According to the new amendment, the terms of two to six years will apply. Critics of the Kremlin condemned the results. However, on Friday (3 July), the Central Election Commission dismissed these allegations.

According to the order issued by the Government of Russia, this amendment will take effect from today i.e. July 4. With these changes, Putin would get a six-year permit even after the current period.

Putin proposed a constitutional amendment in January. In addition, he called for a nationwide referendum to continue in office and other matters. However, there was no legal requirement for a referendum after the Russian Parliament approved the changes.

In this amendment, people of the same sex, ie gender, cannot marry. At the same time, it emphasizes the primacy of Russian law over international norms.

After signing the amendment order in the constitution, Putin said that the amendments apply. Without enforcing the law, they become effective only by the will of the people. During a video conference with MPs who drafted the amendment, Russia's President Putin stated that, as a country, we have taken this important decision together.

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