What is the profit margin for the apparel wholesaler and retailer?

What is the profit margin for the apparel wholesaler and retailer?
Nobody shares his profit margin with his clients..I am the owner of a retail clothing store ... I asked many wholesalers who buy them with the discount / credit method..they say that the margin is only 10% to 15 %..but i think the margin The profit in business in men's clothing ranges between 40% and 70% for the wholesaler .. This is clear because when I buy from the distributor (from top to wholesalers), there is a difference between 20% and 25% in the price ... So I assume jeans that I buy it from regular wholesalers it costs 500 rupees, but if we buy equivalent jeans from the distributor, it ranges from roughly 400 rupees to almost 420 rupees ... so it is well established that the regular wholesaler earns 25% easily but buys it from the manufacturer (from top to Distributor) up to 15% price difference because they have a monopoly / agents @ suppose Rs.360 and sell it to a retail store @ 500 so that the profit margin becomes 40% + (profit time) for credit / discount which is approximately 7% .. profit margin becomes >> 50 % ..

But one more thing in the profit margin in the apparel trade is very important because it also contains a loss ... in the new fashion apparel trade comes and annihilates the old ... so, obviously it's a loss ... so be careful ... while choosing a job ..

For the retailer's profit margin from 25% to 40% in men's and children's wear, it ranges from 15% to 25% .. in the mast 15% to 25% .. and other items such as underwear and small items from 8% to 15% ..

The wholesaler has more profit margin than the retailer .. GST affects the profit margin by reducing it by 5% ..

Remember very hard that a higher business will have a margin of profit ... the easier business will have a lower profit margin ..

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