WHO guidelines, more likely to outbreak corona in hospitals without ventilation

WHO guidelines, more likely to outbreak corona in hospitals without ventilation
According to post-WHO guidelines, a greater likelihood of corona outbreaks in hospitals first appeared in Newscrab.

The WHO overall accepted the disclosure of the Air Corona outbreak from 239 scientists in 32 countries and issued rescue guidelines. WHO said on Thursday that during treatment, the virus is more likely to spread to hospitals that do not have ventilation. According to the WHO, very small droplets in the form of aerosols can remain in the air during treatment. Especially at places in the hospital campus where there is not enough air movement. In such places, the virus can persist for hours. There is a high risk for people passing through here.

Wear a mask and wash your hands

Health workers should take special care of those who go to the hospital to avoid infection. Wear a mask and wash your hands periodically. Keep at least three feet together. Avoid crowds and public places. Take full care of ventilation in the house. If you go out somewhere, periodically disinfect your hands, do not touch your face.

Identification of RNA in one or three days

According to the WHO, it is possible to identify RNA from viruses within one or three days of a person's symptoms. RT-PCR examination can detect the first three levels of symptomatic infection. In a severely infected patient, the virus may persist for more than two weeks. Obtaining viral RNA in a person does not mean that he is infected and can infect others as well.

The emphasis is on breaking the Corona chain.

The WHO stated that the main objective of exploring how Corona spreads is to break its chain. So far, the corona has been spreading due to contact with the infected person or due to exposure to the virus behind it. Symptom-free patients also infect others, but its apparent level is unknown. It is necessary to examine all these points so that the image is clear and the preparation is accordingly.

Identification of persons required to be in contact with infected persons

Identification of all individuals in contact with infected patients is necessary to isolate them and prevent the spread of the virus. Symptoms may appear five to six days after the virus is detected, and may also take 14 days. In such a situation, infected corona and people exposed to it should be left for fourteen days. Institutional quarantine is not possible if done at home.

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