Why is cyber war between Iran and Israel dangerous?

Why is cyber war between Iran and Israel dangerous?
Cyber ​​attacks often occur between Israel and Iran. Israel set fire to Iran's nuclear plant. At the same time, Israel alleges that Iran has also tried to poison its water by hacking its water plant here.

A separate war is going on in Iran and Israel. They are cyber attacks on each other. It is believed that if there is a Third World War, then, instead of being face to face, the armies will keep hackers, who by any code will break the security of the enemy country.

Israel recently launched a cyber attack on Iran. One attack took place at its uranium enrichment center and another at its missile manufacturing center. This center was grounded and functioned underground. Israel says Iran is becoming increasingly nuclear and will be used against Jews. It is believed that Iran's nuclear program has gone back several months due to this attack.

Iran reportedly attempted to hack Israel's water supply system in April. Their purpose was to hack into the system and poison the water. According to a Financial Times report, Iran allegedly hacked Israel's computerized water system and attempted to raise chlorine levels in it. This would have poisoned the water and many people could also become ill. The Israeli intelligence agency also alleges that Iranian hackers were trying to shut off the water supply, so that thousands of civilians remained without water from the heat during April to May. However, Iran failed to hack into the water supply system.

Angry at the efforts to increase chlorine in the water, Israel is believed to have attacked Iran's nuclear plant. Incidentally, the cyber attack between the two countries is not new, but has been going on for almost a decade. In 2012, Iranian hackers stole documents from Israeli authorities. The fight has been going on since then.

Due to the Iranian revolution in 1979, radical leaders came to power there. Iran has since been saying that Israel has captured the land of Muslims and wants to remove them from there. To this end, rather than direct war, Iran supports groups that attack Israel, such as Hezbollah and the Palestinian organization Hamas. Israel also sees Iran as a threat because of its nuclear power. He believes that Iran should not have nuclear weapons or it can use it in Israel.

The ongoing cyber attack between Iran and Israel could be the next war in the world. In the same year, the World Economic Forum stated in its Global Risk Report that cyber attacks are now one of the top 10 threats in the world. This concern of the stage is not unnecessary. Today, almost all countries have deployed an entire army of hackers. Small attacks against enemy countries are also starting. this is the beginning. It is believed that with the help of some code, the whole country will be declared bankrupt or its security will be destroyed.

China is far ahead in cyber attacks. According to Foreign Policy magazine, China has an army of hackers, with about 1 lakh trained hackers. The Chinese People's Liberation Army believes that cyber warfare is less costly to weaken the enemy country than to spend it on the military.

The US and China's Economic and Security Review Commission report also cited this power of China. It was also clarified that China's cyber army has become so powerful that if war breaks out, China will not require as much ground forces as would be helped by cyber warfare. Economic countries like China, United States of America and even North Korea are forming cyber army

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