WWE Extreme 2020 Rules: The main star left PPV in build to Summerslam

WWE Extreme 2020 Rules: The main star left PPV in build to Summerslam
The latest WWE version of the Extremes came and went and served its expected goal - just as a candidate in the run-up to WWE this year's second largest PPV, Summerslam.

The 2020 version of WWE Horror Show at Extreme Rules has appeared in some unique events. Seth Rollins beat Rey Mysterio in the first-ever match in the Al Ain match. Drew MacIntyre successfully defended his WWE Championship at Dolph Ziggler despite the odds being likely against him in a one-sided extremist grammar match favored by Ziggler. In the main event, Bray White defeated Brown Stroman in a cinematic - but faded - match in the "Swamp Battle".

However, extreme rules were noticeable for another reason - this is the absence of Brock Lesnar.

In the days before the extreme rules, it was reported that Lesnar was not expected to appear on PPV. The world champion was originally planned eight times for extremist grammar as a prelude to a potential match in Summerslam. However, there was a change in plans where a coronavirus pandemic that prevented fans from attending events appeared to have played a role in WWE delaying the return of the former UFC fighter.

Moreover, it does not exactly help matters recently removed director Lesnar - Paul Heymann - from his position as raw creative head.

Raw - and WWE rankings as a whole - were evaluated in the toilet during a coronavirus pandemic. It's no secret that the company recorded the lowest ratings in the 27-year history of the program since moving to the least public shows in March.

On the last Monday, heading for PPV events, Raw usually scores higher than in previous weeks. However, this was not the case for the July 13 episode of Raw. In fact, the opposite was true. That's because July 13 Raw released the lowest viewership in program history at 1.561 million viewers.

Despite a slight cyclical increase in viewership after Bruce Braishard took over as Heyman as chief creator of Raw, the show has consistently declined in ratings in weeks since.

When you look at these numbers, you might think to yourself that it was better to return Lesnar. I mean after all, it is the biggest name of the company and the highest paid star. They pay him a lot of money to bring in the viewers, right?

Except for this issue - no matter who puts WWE on screen, that won't help viewership. Out of the obvious problems of developing new programming during a global pandemic of the virus, WWE has had a huge problem creating new stars for many years.

Yes, story stories are bad and constant change when it comes to the head of creativity doesn't help. But WWE has had trouble for a number of years creating new stars and relying heavily on part-time seniors. To scream loudly, 53-year-old Goldberg, unable to deliver a 10-minute match, was a world champion heading to WrestleMania this year.

While it would have been nice to see Lesnar again in the fold after a three-month absence from TV - it has not appeared since his WWE Championship loss against McIntyre in WrestleMania - it makes no sense to bring a pseudonym like Lesnar to miss him in the WWE Championship match during a Summerslam match without an audience .

At this point in time, it makes more sense to go with a major event featuring two of the hottest active artists in the company right now - McIntyre and Randy Orton. Orton is the hottest heel of the company after a row with the bezel since January. With Edge being marginalized for several months due to his latest injury, Orton is devoid of this runner and is set to advance with a toe with Scotsman for the biggest WWE award in Summerslam.

With some sabbaticals like Lesnar and The Undertaker in the foreseeable future, WWE needs to use this pandemic as a time to continue developing its new stars - not looking at their old stars.

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