An explosion in homes in Baltimore kills one and injures 7 others

Emergency responders continued digging through the rubble Monday night after a large explosion in a Baltimore neighborhood, killing one woman and wounding seven others.

A spokeswoman, Blair Adams, said three homes had been reduced to rubble.

Earlier, Adams said six people were hospitalized in critical condition. On Monday evening, the department raised the total number of injured to seven, but did not mention their conditions.

Officials are investigating the cause, and crews are searching for people who may be trapped inside. After the explosion, some authorities said they believed it to be a gas explosion.

In a statement from Baltimore Gas & Electric, provided by spokeswoman Tasha Jamerson, the company said that no gas readings were found in any of the buildings and no leaks were found in the main gas.

The company said no gas odors were reported prior to the explosion.

Our crews continue to inspect the main gas pipelines and services in the area to ensure their safety, and will carry out any necessary repairs if any problems are found. "

The fire department said it was searching extensively for survivors.

You have homes that have largely collapsed ... a ton of debris on the ground, so we're pulling in and trying to comb to see if we can find any additional occupants, '' Adams said Monday morning.

Dean Jones, who lives several blocks away, told CNN's WJZ he was sitting on his balcony when the blast shook his home.

"It was disastrous. It was like a bomb, like watching things in other countries where you have bombings and things like that," Jones said. "It was like seeing it in real life. Telephone poles splitting. I mean, houses down the block, broken glass.

"When I first got there, I could hear a voice just saying, 'Help.' This is insane."

Mobley Mane told CNN's WMAR that he was driving when he saw a blindfolded light and heard the explosion.

He told the station, "I looked back, all I could see was things, debris flying in the air."

A woman told WMAR that she ran towards the scene of the explosion. She said her male neighbors rushed to help without worrying about themselves.

She said, "I love my neighbors. They have been on it." “We can hear people shouting, 'Help! Help me! Get me out. Help me! I'm here. ''

She said the men were throwing bricks on the road. "They didn't care about live wires," she added.

Jones told WJZ that he heard a voice crying for help, so he and others started digging.

He said he had removed the debris aside, including parts of the fence, and heard the hiss of gas.

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