Bayern Munich crushes Barcelona to reach the Champions League semi-finals

Bayern Munich crushes Barcelona to reach the Champions League semi-finals
Bayern Munich caused complete embarrassment for Barcelona by winning the 8-2 Champions League on Friday evening to book a place in the semi-finals of the tournament in Lisbon.

It was Barcelona's worst-ever loss in the Champions League, while Bayern became the first team to score eight goals in the Champions League round-trip match.

The match got off to a difficult start as Thomas Muller put Bayern ahead early and David Alaba conceded an own goal for Barcelona minutes later to make it 1-1 in the first 10 minutes.

Bayern returned to the front after 20 minutes when Ivan Perisic sent a pass from Serge Gnabry and hit Marc-Andre ter Stegen with a shot that veered slightly and ended with the cap of the net.

The score was 4-1 in Bayern's favor shortly after a quick shooting a few minutes after Mueller sent Gnabry a nice pass for the first time for a goal before he scored his second goal on the post near Joshua Kimmich's pass.

The German champions took a three-goal lead into the dressing room, with Barcelona swinging after the opening 45 minutes saw them netting four goals in the first half of the Champions League knockout match for the first time in the club's history.

After the match, Barcelona defender Gerard Pique said: “I am in pain. We all. We cannot compete like this. It is very difficult. Nothing is worth saying. The club needs changes. Not just the players, I don't want to refer to anyone.

"But football is a sport that demands constant change. We have to change the dynamic that we follow because I think we have just reached the bottom. We have to look around, we have to trust that people will do the right things for the club."

Luis Suarez seemed to have given Barcelona a lifeline in the second half with an early goal, but Bayern rebounded to right-back when Alfonso Davis cut a pass to Kimmich to finish off the first with ease to make it 5- 2.

Bayern continued to advance, this time through Robert Lewandowski, who sent a cross from Philippe Coutinho, on loan from Barcelona.

Coutinho then scored an own goal minutes later and added the second before the end of the match to complete the Bundesliga champion's 8-2 victory over Barcelona.

"It's hard to explain," Mueller said after the match. “I think at this point our team is in incredible shape.

"Thanks to the guy with the trophy - maybe 12 to 15 players deserve it. We worked hard and we had that strength. It's hard to beat us. It was so much fun today."

"As for the style of our players, it does not matter the names of the players we face. When someone presses and dribbles, it is not a problem. Then we catch the ball and we have a lot of talent in the offensive line."

Hanse Flick's side, which has scored 9-0 in the Champions League this season, is now waiting for the winner of Saturday's match between Manchester City and Lyon to see who they face in the semi-final on Wednesday.

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