Big Brother returns with colorful horns and no hug amid the pandemic of the Corona virus

The second season of "Big Brother" kicks off tonight with a group of returning stars, including contestants, actors and crew, to take extra precautions amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

The identities of the housemates are still kept secret - even host Julie Chen Monfils said she doesn't know who the 16 will be living in the house. According to Chen Monfils, fellow would-be actors were quarantined prior to the premiere.

Chen told CBSN in Los Angeles that the production flew "a group of people, over 16".

“Some people who I thought would definitely go home have tested positive for Covid-19, so they couldn't get in,” said Chen Monfils.

In a separate interview with SiriusXM, Chen Moonves explained that the production personnel necessary to get the show on air are wearing masks and undergoing weekly Covid-19 tests.

She said, "I'm the only person who won't wear a mask for a limited time when I'm on TV, but when we're in commercials or what you've got, that mask happens."

The crew also wears colored tie tapes and can only be found in areas marked by their colors.

"So let's say you are in the orange capsule and your lanyard and your ID are orange. You can only go to places where the orange can go," said Chen Monfils.

On the screen, when a guest is fired, social estrangement means no more handshaking and no hugging with the host.

Reflecting on the 20 years since "Big Brother" appeared in the United States, Chen Munf said her style of hosting has evolved over time.

"The first season, I was awful," she said. “Let's just say what everyone knows: I was a Chenbot. I deserved this name because I was a robot. I came from a news background and was asked to do this show and thought,” Well, I'll be really straightforward, without personality, because my original dream was one day to become Correspondence in "60 Minutes". And I was told if I was doing this reality show, I would probably ever close and close that door through it. I'll prove them wrong. By the way, they were right. I have never been asked for 60 minutes. "

Chen Monfils said she has grown into the role.

"I finally learned how to hug Chinbot," she said. "The stars of the show are the ones in the house. I'm just a captain of this train. So sometimes I let my character show up. I also learned that in eight years in" The Talk ", where again, to learn how to not be so informative and not be an introductory one and that I bring a little of my true self to the table. So it was a journey for me. "

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