Cincinnati Reds suspends broadcaster Thom Brennaman after speaking anti-gay on air

The Cincinnati Reds announced a broadcaster's suspension after he uttered his anti-gay affliction on air Wednesday.

Playwright Thom Brenneman can be heard saying on Fox Sports Ohio, "One of the capitals of the world," before he resumes his duties live. It is not known what triggered that remark and the context behind it.

Steinlight Media issued a statement on Brennaman's behalf.

"I would like to sincerely apologize for the inappropriate comments I made during the TV broadcast last night. I made a huge mistake. For the LGBTQ community, and all the people I have harmed or offended, from the bottom of my heart, I am really sorry. I respectfully request your mercy and forgiveness."

The suspension was made after a commercial break during a double-match between the Reds and the Kansas City Royals in Kansas City, Missouri.

The Reds released a statement, stating that "the organization has been devastated by the horrific anti-gay remark".

The organization said in its statement that during the second match for the double header, Brennaman was pulled from the air and immediately stopped from broadcasting the Reds' programming.

A video of his notes was posted on Twitter, and #FireThom is starting to come out.

At the top of the fifth inning, after a commercial break, Brennaman, who in addition to calling the Reds' matches also with Fox Sports, apologized before stopping broadcasting.

"I made a comment earlier tonight," Brennaman said. "I think he's out on air and I'm very ashamed of him." "If I hurt anyone out there, I can't tell you how much I say from the bottom of my heart. I am very, very sorry. I am proud of myself and I believe in myself as a believer."

He continued his speech, after he called for a run in the midst of his statement.

"I don't know if I'm going to wear that headphone again," Brenneman said. "I don't know if it will be for the Reds. I don't know if it will be for my bosses at Fox.

“I want to apologize for the people who signed my paycheck, for the Reds, for Fox Sports Ohio, for the people I work with. For anyone I offended here tonight, I cannot begin to tell you how deeply sorry I am.

"This is not what I am and never was, and I would like to think that maybe I can have some people who can support that. I am very, very sorry and I hope to forgive you."

The Reds also said that they will speak to the Broadcasting Team in the coming days and apologize to the "LGBTQ + community in Cincinnati, Kansas City, throughout this country, and beyond."

Fox Sports Ohio supported the Reds 'decision to suspend Brennaman and wrote on Twitter: "The language Tom Brennaman used this evening is repugnant, offensive, and in no way reflects the values ​​of FOX Sports Ohio. We agree with the Reds' decision to suspend it. Until further notice."

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