Elon Musk says that the pyramids were built by foreigners (and Egypt invites him to visit them)

Minister of International Cooperation Rania Al-Mashat received from Egypt an invitation to visit the buildings as evidence that the Egyptians built it. The reason for the shot on Twitter

Foreigners Build Up The Pyramids »: With this Tweet, Elon Musk has taken the scene on Twitter the past few days. A South African billionaire is not new to this type of ferry. However, what was written soon was circulated around the world, thanks to many user tweets. Many of those also agreed with his words, as they dealt with conspiracy theories that had long been found on Reddit and YouTube.

Egypt's reaction

So there was no shortage of reactions from Egypt itself: Minister of International Cooperation, Rania Al-Mashat, on Twitter, invited Musk to visit the buildings, as evidence that the Egyptians provided for the Pharaohs, as well as reading writings on the structures. The invitation was then delivered, but meanwhile, SpaceX founder and Tesla went ahead with the work.

Was he joking?

On Twitter, in fact, he showed that he took the Egyptian Minister of International Cooperation’s proposals, and shared with his followers a link to a detailed BBC article, explaining how the pyramids were made. So, it is likely that Musk just wanted to joke around with his followers, which actually shows his appreciation for these thousands of years old constructions which, in a world now, can seem very strange. However, Zahi Hawass, the Egyptian archaeologist, was not impressed by his statements, which described Musk's argument - as Egypt today reported - Musk's argument as a "complete hallucination."

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