Goldie Hawn dances to the song Hey Ya! And she cleans dishes with the family in a fun video

The 74-year-old star has been famous for sharing fun dance videos on Instagram, having previously shared with Dua Lipa Physical, Sing A Song from Earth, Wind & Fire, and more.

Now, the "Overboard" star is on the rhythm of a new tune: The Outkast classic "Hey Ya!"

In the video, a song is played as a mortar wash dishes in her kitchen, cheerfully scrubbing them before walking around with a plate in her hand.

Hawn's longtime partner, Kurt Russell's son, also appeared in the video, dancing alongside the actress. In the end, Russell offers himself a brief cameo.

"Washing dishes doesn't have to be a chore, it can be dance!" Read the comment. "It's all up to us."

The dance received a lot of praise from some of Hoon's famous friends in the comments.

Actress Kate Hudson's daughter Hawn shared three red-heart emoji.

Lisa Reina showed off a bunch of emojis including clapping hearts and hands.

Diane Keaton simply commented on the smiley face emoji.

In May, the Academy Award winner shared a video of herself dancing the song "Physical" by singer Lipa while practicing on a trampoline.

My conscious mindup move for today. Dance, jump and spin as if no one is watching, "read the caption" nd and thank dualipa for the best addition to my trampoline playlist! "

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