Hurricane alerts have been issued for Florida as Isaias is targeting the entire eastern coast of the United States

Hurricane Isaias is approaching Florida more than ever before as severe storms threaten the entire eastern coast of the United States north to Maine. The storm is currently hitting the Bahamas with heavy rain, strong winds and the ocean surge.

Hurricane conditions along the east coast of Florida can start early Saturday as the storm makes a northern streak on a dangerous path along the coast.

"There is a risk of impacts from winds, torrential rains and storm surges spread along most of the eastern coast of the United States until the beginning of next week," the National Hurricane Center wrote.

In Florida, hurricane alarms from Boca Raton were raised to the Volusia / Braverd County Line in Florida. This puts West Palm Beach, Jupiter, Vero Beach, and Melbourne in a hurricane warning. Meanwhile, the storm surge hour covers the area from Jupiter Inlet to Ponte Vedre Beach.

The altitude is the storm-driven altitude in ocean water over usually drylands which can lead to submerging the coastline for several feet.

Hurricane warnings continue in the entire Bahamas, as Isaias is likely to sweep as a Category 1 hurricane. Tropical Storm Warning remains in effect for Turks and Caicos as the remaining rainbands in Isaias finally give up their grip on the islands.

Tropical Storm Force winds (at least 39 miles per hour) are expected to spread across southeast Florida on Saturday morning, with Hurricane force winds (at least 74 miles per hour) reaching the coast of East Florida on Saturday afternoon through Saturday evening.

The orbital threat comes as Florida continues to tackle a sharp rise in coronavirus infections, as new cases appear to have stalled, but deaths reached record levels for a fourth consecutive day on Friday.

Governor Ron Desantis (right) issued a state of emergency for the counties along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean in Florida.

He said the country is ready to open shelters while ensuring that appropriate protocols are taken in the face of the "Covid 19" pandemic.

"Very early in the division, he created a [personal protective equipment] reserve for the hurricane season," DeSantis told a news conference on Friday. "They now have 20 million masks, 22 million gloves ... and 20,000 thermometers."

Florida had originally planned to close all covid-19 test sites nationwide until August 5 due to Isaias but the state appears to be reevaluating and may adapt depending on sites affected by the storm.

North Carolina may also have been hit hard by the storm from Monday to Tuesday, as Isaias could hit a potential second landfall after hitting the Florida coast. She has ordered a mandatory evacuation of the island of Ocracoke starting at 6 am on Saturday. Governor Roy Cooper issued a state of emergency and urged anyone who needed evacuation to stay with family and friends or in a hotel, if possible, due to distant social precautions in shelters.

Cooper said those who need to use shelters will be examined for symptoms, and will be provided with personal protective equipment, such as masks. "With proper protection and shelter, we can keep people safe from the storm while simultaneously trying to avoid an exacerbation of the epidemic. The hurricane during the epidemic is a double problem. Cooper said on Twitter:" But the country was carefully preparing for this scenario. "

Earlier this week, Isaias fell up to eight inches of rain in southwestern Puerto Rico, and forcibly overthrew over 400,000 island residents.

Then the storm invaded the Dominican Republic, modified its spin and strengthened more than expected.

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