Kelly Osborne wows fans with losing 85 pounds: It feels good

Kelly Osborne is sticking to her New Year's Eve pledge to prioritize self-care.

In the new photos shared on Instagram, the reality star / actress / singer revealed to fans that she lost 85 lbs.

Ozzy and Sharon Osborne's 35-year-old daughter posted a glamorous car selfie of herself last Tuesday, wearing red Gucci with faded purple hair and topped with a braided bun.

"That's right ... I've lost 85 pounds since I last saw you," Osborne wrote in response to Olivia Totram May, mother of Jenny May from The Real, who commented on her weight loss. "Can you believe that?"

Two pictures were posted on Friday, wearing a long pink and purple braid, which were jokingly captioned, "Kelly Longstocking".

In an Instagram story posted on Saturday, Osborne uploaded a size 26 clothes card, possibly from her old wardrobe, and wrote, "Yeah ... I'm proud because I worked so hard and I'm feeling good !!!"

The singer wrote Betty is "very elegant, my queen."

"Oh my God you look great!" Fan Books @ megmiller_94.

"You're very well!" Drag Queen Vicky Fox replied. "I hope your heart feels wonderful!"

On December 31, Osborne wrote: “2019 was one hell of a year” - before you knew what 2020 had in store.

“Through all the good and the bad, it has been incredibly educational to me. I have realized that I always put other people's needs before mine. I allow myself to be in situations that make me feel uncomfortable for fear of being disturbed,” Osborne wrote: “Someone else.” It all stops today. 2020 will be my year !!! It is time to put myself first. "

Osborne has been open with fans about working towards a healthier weight since her 2009 days of "Dancing With the Stars," when she danced and dieted to lose 20 pounds. In 2011, she appeared on the cover of Sheep magazine and said that she had "finally learned to do it right": "In a million years I never thought I'd be that healthy girl who wakes up every morning to exercise."

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