Luka Doncic is not launching, he dominates. Five notes from Game 4

With no need to travel in the post-season period at the Disney World campus in the NBA, the intense every other day's league format has revealed that one of the most valuable traits within the bubble is the team's ability to move forward.

Dallas did so after losing in Game 3, despite giving him less than 40 hours to help the frail star Luka Duncic recover. They made an impressive comeback of 21 points in the fourth game on Sunday to win, 135-133, behind the Dunsic hat-trick in a row.

The challenge now is on the Clippers facing a 2--2 series with the fifth match Tuesday, the roster coach Doc Rivers, who is called emotionally weak, must be stimulated.

Here are five tips from losing Sunday:

1. At the start of this series, there was some discussion that this series, like Doncic's post-season debut, could provide a springboard for his future.

Time to scratch that. There is no need to wait - it is already performing at historic highs.

Doncic became the first player in post-season history to score at least 43 points, collect 17 rebounds and provide at least 13 assists. According to the Mavericks, the only player to surpass those numbers in the regular season was Wilt Chamberlain, who finished the match with 53 points, 32 rebounds and 14 assists in 1968.

He is also the third player in playoff history to join Oscar Robertson and Charles Barclay, with 40 points, 15 rebounds and 10 assists.

And he did it on one perfectly healthy ankle, without the Kristaps Porzingis Center, which was seated due to a knee ache, to relieve the pressure from the offensive load on Dunsic's shoulders.

"Look, we know this kid has a flair for drama," said Dallas coach Rick Carlisle. "He's a great performer as well as a player." He is a man who lives these moments. Fully fearless. In the end it was all about finding a way to get the ball in his hands. "

2. Carlisle 2. Porzingis said, by the way, he will undergo an MRI scan on Monday to determine the severity of his injury.

"He wasn't left out in Game Five, so we're hoping for the best and hopefully he's feeling better," said Carlisle.

3. Clippers striker Paul George says his confidence has not wavered after taking 10 shots out of 47 in his last three matches, but to get out of a slump, he has to walk a fine line in remaining aggressive while not taking shots away from his teammates in case he struggles. continue.

One suggested solution for Game 5, he said, is to be aggressive in shooting near the basket to start before launch from a three-point range, having made four of 25 shots in the last three matches.

However, it is not a foolproof solution. In his last three matches, he made 4 out of 12 attempts inside the paint. This includes a missed pass with 1:32 remaining in overtime and the Clippers leading 127-126.

"I play the game with confidence," said George. "The shots I'm going to take, I expect to make. It's just what it is. Just missing out on shots. And I don't think it's from the point of view of confidence," because once I see it passes and find this rhythm, I'll be right where I want to be. The problem is just getting to this point. Usually, you are in a hostile environment and this usually helps you get to that moment, so I have to find that out. "

George's reference to his inability to use a hostile road crowd as motivation is interesting. Some players use it to fuel their advantage. But on August 15, before the series began, George also cited the lack of fans as one of the reasons why players all over the bubble had shot so well during the rating round.

He said at the time, "The men shoot well." "I don't think this is too much pressure for men in a hostile environment."

Leonard continued to support his co-star on Sunday, signaling the inevitable return of George's competence. Clippers should be hoping this was the case.

"His time has come," said Leonard. "He had some easy looks tonight. Everyone did, but that's not his fault. We made a lot of progress in the second quarter and I think everyone has a role in winning the basketball game."

4. After one game after his Rivers and Clippers teammates felt Montrezel Harrell begin to appear normal again after a month-long separation from the team during mourning for his grandmother's death, Harrell struggled to replicate this influence in Game 4.

Finishing with two points, one rebound, one pass, three blocks and two turns in 17 minutes, Dallas scored 67% of his field goals when he was on the ground.

But defensive issues bypass Harrell, of course, and that's not encouraging for the unit that has predicted to be one of the toughest defenses in the NBA this season. Even without Bursings, who scored 34 points two days ago, the Mavericks had scored 50% on Sunday.

"I think we were negative," said Rivers. "I think they were able to catch the ball wherever they wanted to catch the ball.

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